1 Week

This would have been my 40 week pregnancy update, but instead I get to write about Emerson’s first week of life! 

It is just such an incredible feeling having her here. Ever since she came into this world both Kyle and I have been completely smitten with her. The amount of love for this girl can’t be quantified. We are loving so much it hurts.
Bringing Emmie home has been wonderful. It really has amplified the love I feel for Kyle. We’ve been working so well as a team, that I think we’re both surprised at how quickly and easily this past week has flown by. We had braced ourselves for the worst, especially after going to our natural birthing classes where they warn you about the hormonal crash you can expect after birth. Besides one night with a few tears on my end (due to some breast feeding issues) we’ve both felt amazing. We feel incredibly fortunate that parenthood has been coming so easily for us thus far. There are times where I still get weepy with joy that I’m holding my baby. Our baby. 

 We certainly love you little lady! 

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