17 Weeks!

How Far Along: 17 Weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: I am up to 120.8lbs, up from pre-pregnancy of 114. Total gain of 6.8lbs!

Maternity clothes? This particular outfit is all non-maternity stuff. Jeggings and a super stretchy top from H&M. I’ve been looking forward to wearing some of the things my neighbor brought over for me, lots of sweaters for the cold weather! Still loving my “MamaJeans” from H&M- so much so that I’m tempted to go buy a new pair so I can alternate between two pairs.

Stretch marks? Nope. I’m slathering myself in coconut oil mostly because my belly has started getting itchy. I also found it basically makes my keratosis pilaris (“chicken skin”)on the back of my arms/legs disappear! 

Sleep: Sleeping better this week. No lower back pain. I wake up quite a few times during the night to flop over to my other side. Normally, I would be able to sleep right through the process but I fear with my belly getting bigger waking up to roll over is the new norm. 

Best moment this week: Lot’s of great moments this week. I finally managed to get my breakfast sugar levels below 140. I also heard nuggets heartbeat on the doppler for the first time yesterday. Nugget also was rubbing his/her face and yawning on ultrasound – which left my heart melting into puddle of mommy hormones. 

Miss Anything? Still missing that warm weather… spring, you’re welcome to come early this year! In fact, just last night Kyle told me I’m allowed to actually send him out for things when I’m craving them. Aka: I wanted chicken wings at 11pm last night, and we went out and got some. I could get used to that… 

Movement: Feeling some rolls and wiggles late at night when I’ve been lying still for a while! Can’t wait till they’re noticeable through my belly so Kyle can feel them too.

Food Cravings:Chicken wings. More specifically the chicken wings I gorged on during a christmas eve get together. Teriyaki chicken wings made in the crock pot, just to the point where they were starting to get sticky and blackened. They were SO good. I think I ate about a dozen of the things.The chicken wings I had last night? Eh, not so much. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Coughing is the only thing making me sick these days. Usually I can cough for a good 25 minutes or so before triggering my gag reflex. All it takes these days is one good cough. It could be a buildup of coughs, it could be sudden. It certainly makes life much more interesting. 

Gender: We tried to peek at the gender yesterday with the OB’s portable ultrasound machine, but man, this little baby is determined to make me wait until Feb. 4th. Little Nugget was curled up so tightly we couldn’t see much. While we saw a few in between the leg shots, it wasn’t the right angle to really see, so I left with another guess. Another guess of GIRL. Two for two right now on the girl guesses. 

Labor signs: No. 

Belly button in or out? It’s in for the most part. I had the OB check it to see if it’s just already starting to flip inside out, or if I do have an umbilical hernia. I have a VERY tiny defect according to the OB, which shouldn’t be a problem especially as I get bigger, the uterus will protect the small gap I have. On a side note, the way to determine this, medically of course, is to try to stick your pinky finger through said ‘gap’ to determine how big your hernia is. Um… I wish I was kidding. Most uncomfortable thing to date. I’m already pretty weirded out by people touching my normal belly button, never mind trying to push your pinky through a hole in my belly button. Gross. Moving on. 

Happy or moody most of the time? I’ve been happier this week. Thank goodness! I still have my snappy moments, but overall doing alright. This question should really be answered by Kyle, I think he’s a better judge of my mood. 😉  

Looking forward to: The weekend! I’ve convinced Kyle to prep the trim in the nursery so we can start caulking it and painting it. I’ve been picking out colors for the walls; right now I have a pretty gender neutral scheme. It’s a more non-traditional color scheme since I’m not into the “pastel blue for boys, Pink for girls” type stuff. Hint, the color palette contains the color aubergine. “That’s not a color, you’re just making things up now…” –Kyle 

I’m excited to get started and start ordering big things like cribs, and gliders! 

I do believe this concludes the 17 week survey  Are there any question you think I should add to the survey to answer each week?   

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  1. Love the blog.Great fun to read. Next best thing to being there. Beautiful pictures. My how you have grown. Love that little nugget !!

    Love to all Gramma and Grampa O.

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