2-4 Month Favorites

Emmie loves to hold onto the spiders legs, and since there are 6 of them, they’re hard to miss. We also like to string this across her carseat and she can hold onto the legs and play while we drive. When I originally picked this up from a yard-sale, I wasn’t too sure about it since I personally thought it was stimulation overload, but the little lass can’t seem to get enough of him! My favorite is when she tries to chomp on his head.

When Emerson started sleeping in her crib, we found that she could bust out of her normal blanket swaddle in no time. These swaddle me blankets are the best! She loves to be snuggled up in one for naps and bedtime. She’s starting to be able to wiggle an arm free now and then, so I think we’re gearing up to lose the swaddle all together! But for the past few months we couldn’t have lived without these.

With all the tummy time going on Emmie has really loved looking at her Sassy “Hello Bee, Hello Me” book. I think she likes the simple contrasting colors and every other page has a mirror so she can check herself out.

Since Kyle took over the night feedings it was important we found a bottle both he and Emerson loved. The Lansinoh Momma bottle was it. I felt that the nipple shape was extremely close to the real thing and she was able to get a nice latch. She doesn’t suck in a ton of air, and minimal parts make it easy to clean.

I bought this mat at a yardsale for 5 dollars. One of the best 5 dollars we’ve spent! Heck, I would probably even pay the 50 dollars that amazon charges for a new one. We do tummy time on the mat where she loves to look at all the bright colors. She has even been reaching to crinkle the ears on the elephant. She’ll play on her back for a decent stretch, staring at the mirror and trying to grab the toys that dangle.

6.Alva Diapers : 7.Robot Lovie : 8.Video Monitor : 9.Banana Toothbrush : 10. Lansinoh Storage Bags

Halfway into the second month, or right at the beginning of the third month, Emerson started fitting into her big cloth diapers. I stocked up on them and I couldn’t be happier. I think these will be a monthly favorite from here on out. 😉

In one Bluum box that we recieved, an Angel Dear blanket was sent. A small 14 x 14 square with a little robot head attached to the top. It’s super soft and cuddly. I began giving it to Emerson while she was in her rock n play and she has grown to love it. She loves to grab onto the blanket part and try to chew the robot “ears.” It helps calm her crazy arms when she’s not swaddled but still sleepy.

Since around the 10 week mark we’ve put Emerson to sleep in her crib. The video monitor is worth it’s weight in gold. We can see when we need to sprint back up the stairs to ‘rescue the falling paci’ before it even makes it all the way out of her mouth. We can see when she’s wiggled her arm out of her swaddle or if she’s starting to stir. I feel so much more comfortable knowing I can check in on her without actually going upstairs and risk waking her up.

We hit the drool phase and the ‘try to put everything in my mouth’ phase, but with Emmie being so small I noticed all the baby teethers we had were gigantic! They were hard for her to hold, and just generally big. Amazon to the rescue. I ordered this small “banana toothbrush” and it’s been great. It’s small enough that she can easily hold it, and the fact that it has those nice soft silicone bristles to massage her gums is bonus!

The last item that we’ve been loving are these lansinoh milk storage bags. Since being on antibiotics we’ve been feeding Claire-Bear the frozen milk stash that I’ve previously pumped. I stored them in these bags. They’re easy to thaw, reheat ,reseal and we haven’t encountered any leaks so far. They fit nicely in the freezer in a pantry container I bought at big lots. 

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