She’s just a wee insomniac

Here we are, another week has flown by.


Can you believe that my little peanut is 11 weeks old already? I surely cannot!

For a while Emerson had been sleeping like a champ. She’d go down between 9 and 10 and sleep until between 4and 5:30, up to eat, then back down for another 3 hour stretch. It was fantastic!

However these past few days she’s been back to waking up at 2, then 4, then 6:30/7. Just when we think we see some sort of schedule emerge she throws us for a loop. Kyle still does any feed before 5 am so I can log some much needed continuous sleep, so while I might be “well rested” he’s awfully tired.
I’m about 80% sure that her regression of sleep at night is linked to her poor naps. Lately she had been taking a few cat naps instead of a few long naps. She’s just exhausted and it makes it harder to sleep well at night. I’m hoping for some good naps soon! They are desperately needed by both Momma and Baby.

The good news in all this sleep nonsense is that it can’t last forever ( unless she’s inherited her father’s insomnia and then I’ll have to bite my tongue!) Emerson will eventually figure out how to sleep for longer stretches and until then I’ll just have to keep telling my husband how much I love him!! Keep up the good nighttime work honey! 😉

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