Weekend & Sunshine

Oh what a weekend it was. We had sunshine and warmer weather. Hallelujah.

Sunday we packed up and went to Kinder Farm Park, where Hubster did some blacksmithing, and Emmie and I wandered between petting goats, soaking up sun, having snacks and running around a huge playground. Side note, you know you’re experiencing a parenting win when the statement ,”Do you want me to hold your carrot so you can go play?” is answered with a clear, “NO.” The carrot was eaten in its entirety before playing ensued. #parentingwin

Emerson even got to feed a goat, and she was in heaven. She would have gathered grass all day for that goat if I let her. She would pull up handfuls of grass and squat in front of the goat and present her offerings. Speaking of goats, she even got to hug a baby goat! Talk about cuteness overload. Everyone was so paralyzed by the cuteness (there was even a collective parent “awww”) that no pictures were taken.

Other weekend activities included, reading library books, playing games with friends, drinking lots of wine, and ending with some spring breezes floating through open windows. I hope your weekend was equally wonderful!

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Being the Best Self

I’ve been trying for a while to write about my daily battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Everything I write just doesn’t sound accurate. There are some days I have energy to sew, cook dinner, do laundry and even head to the gym. And then there are days where maybe I manage one of those things. Other days, as I start to feel short of breath, or my lungs feel burdened with infection, I manage none of those things, and just managing to keep Emmie fed and safe is my accomplishment for the day.

Living with an invisible disease as an adult is very eye opening. I am no longer quick to judge someone solely based on appearance. I couldn’t say the same thing for 16 year old me, but a decade later, I get it. The person who parks in the handicap spot, who looks perfectly healthy and capable -who knows what battle their fighting behind closed doors? I get it. I really do. Everyone has their own antagonist and who am I to judge them without even knowing any of their story. Some days I surely don’t look sick, but I really do fight a daily battle.

Sometimes it’s a physical battle: coughing, fevers, swollen achy joints, throwing up, or debating whether I have the energy to go to the store to get milk. Other times it’s a mental battle: dragging myself to do at least one more round of therapy, convincing myself that it’s worth it to leave my cozy spot in bed to head downstairs and take the forgotten nighttime pill or simply rallying my inner cheerleader as I do a nebulizer for what seems like the millionth time.

While I may find myself frustrated with some of the stresses CF puts on my life as a mom, wife, and as a twenty-something year old member of society, I hope that it also presents the opportunity to teach my child to be compassionate, caring, and selfless. I hope she grows into a young lady who doesn’t judge people by the seemingly simple context of appearance, but learns to appreciate everyone’s strengths and weaknesses while acknowledging their silent battles.

We find ourselves living in a world where it’s easy to hide behind computer screens and cruelly typed words. I want her to understand that we can be better than that. We can replace judgement with compassion, hatred for acceptance and frustration with patience. We can be confident in ourselves and be kind to others. We should always push ourselves to be the best self we can be and while sometimes my CF seems like a burden, I know it’s helped push me to be a better person, wife and mother.

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Big Girl Room Inspiration

With Emerson learning how to crawl out of her crib, we’ve started the transition to a toddler bed by moving her mattress on the floor.  We plan on disassembling the crib this weekend. With the crib gone, I’ve been day dreaming about updating her space into her very own “Big Girl” room. Since we’re not certain if we’re moving soon or not, we’re holding off on any major changes for now. But that doesn’t stop me from gathering things as inspiration. I’d like to keep her curtains, so I’ll be using a color scheme that reflects throughout her curtains: corals, rich burgundy, cream, dusty rose, gold and a light green. 

Big Girl Room Inspiration

Big Girl Room Inspiration

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Spring Favorites

It snowed here again. We woke up to a winter white wonderland, complete with school cancellations and continuing flurries. While falling snow can be quite beautiful, anyone who knows me, knows I am SO over it.  I am a windows open, bare feet, sundress kind of girl– through and through. Winter is just not my jam.

With that said, I am patiently counting down the days until spring weather gets here. I’ve been eyeing a few things lately that are perfect for that upcoming spring weather!

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Our Valentines Day

Our Valentine’s Day was a nice, sweet relaxing Sunday. Hubby went off to blacksmith for the morning while Emerson and I had a little “galentines day” celebration. We decked ourselves out in matching pink t-shirts,  gave each other pedicures and baked cupcakes together. We read our Valentine’s books, drank milk from our pink cups, and had lots of snuggle time!

I think it’s safe to say baking was Emmie’s favorite part of the day. She woke up this morning and immediately asked to bake something. She was not happy when I told her we were not going to be baking something today. She settled for pretend cooking.

I hope everyone’s valentines day was filled with snuggles, love and loads of pink frosting!

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Donuts and Flowers

Once upon a time I stumbled upon this huge local group of Moms on Facebook. I joined it. I liked it. A lot. There’s ton of advice, tons of support, and it’s a great time waster on lonely days. Anyway, there’s a big section within this group of “my husband is the worst” vents. You know like, “My husband took 2 naps today, watched a football game, and then “watched” the baby when she took her nap… I got to do a mountain of laundry, dishes and housework in between nursing and calming a fussy baby…. and he complains I’m so grumpy all the time. Ugh! Husbands. ” ….and things like that.

When I read these I feel smug. I get this smug little smirk and I get to think, “well, that sounds like it sucks.” And then my heart feels so full of gratitude and I feel unworthy. This is because my husband rocks. I’ve known him for quite some time (almost half of our lives at this point) and he just continues to amaze me.

I mean, for instance, last night I mentioned I could really use a donut. I’m not pregnant or anything, I just really wanted a donut. So, my guy puts on his shoes, drove to the store and brought me home some donuts… and then hands me a bouquet of flowers. Say what? A gooey sweet pastry treat and a bouquet of flowers? Where did I find him?! He’s the best.

It’s doing little things like that for each other that really help keep our relationship alive. You need small reminders how important you are to your significant other, and they need reminders from you too. It’s all too easy to feel unappreciated and taken for granted. You can say “thanks for doing the laundry,” till you’re blue in the face but giving me an appreciation donut for no reason totally takes the cake.

If you have someone in your life who would drive to get you a donut on a random Tuesday night, make sure you tell them how much they mean to you. It’s nice to hear and it’s nice to say.

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Would you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for the first time, in a long time, the hubster and I are headed out on a Date Night! Granted, it’s the weekend after Valentine’s Day, but it includes free babysitting so we are not complaining. 
One of the best things about going out, for me at least, is getting ready! Spending all day with a toddler, “looking nice,” consists of putting on a bra and maybe washing my face. You know, in case I have to answer the door. With a date night in an adult atmosphere with adult conversation & adult drinks, I can trade in my sneakers for heels, my lunch smeared tee’s for pretty tanks…and I can wear a necklace without worrying about grabby toddler hands! Ah yes, date night is really just an excuse to look nice for a change.

For our Valentine’s Date I’m going for the “I don’t have a toddler with me but I still want to be comfortable,” look. What’s that you ask? It’s my go to “look put together,” outfit. A simple textured blouse, a snazzy jacket, skinny jeans and booties. Slap on a pendant necklace, some subtle studs and a complimenting watch and I am ready to roll. 
Are you doing anything special to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 
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Happy New Year!

Hey. Remember me? I know, I know. I haven’t written in almost two months?! Whaaaat? Well, see we went on vacation and then I never got back into the swing of things. But, as payment for being so patient with me, here’s a photo dump of said vacation.

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