2017 Fall Favorites

Now that we’re almost done with October and it finally feels like fall here in Florida, I want to share all of my favorite things I’ve been eyeing. 

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I have a major crush on that ballet wrap sweater  (it’s perfect for nursing!) and that warm wooden essential oil diffuser would definitely be an upgrade to the plastic one I currently have sitting in the middle of the living room. And those agate coasters?! I’m not even sure I’d want to put a drink on them, they are so captivating with all those smokey blues.

Then of course, there’s the mid-century modern planter, also good for keeping babies from killing your succulents… because if they are within reach, babies will pluck your little succulent petals off one by one. RIP succulents, RIP.

Lastly, there’s the wooden bowl. When visiting Rhode Island I was able to bring back a wooden bowl my Grandfather had made back when he was still wood working. There’s something incredibly inviting about serving something in a wooden bowl. I’ve been craving all those fall earthy tones, and it doesn’t get more earthy than wood.

What are some of your favorite things this fall?


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