Date Night at Home: Building Ginger Bread Houses

Having date night at home hasn't been easier. A fun, easy way to date your spouse without leaving the house! A festive Christmas time date at home.

Parenting two children is a lot of work. So naturally some things have to fall to the wayside, and for us, it ended up being date nights. Especially when we added a second kid (hey V!) to the mix. As an effort to get back into some one-on-one time with each other, Kyle and I thought up a huge list of ‘dates’ we could do at home. Thus Date Night at Home was born. We wrote all of our ideas on popsicle sticks and placed them in a jar. When we’re feeling in need of a date we pick out a stick during the beginning of the week which leaves enough time to prep for a Saturday or Friday night date.

With the holidays we added in some festive selections. We bought a Ginger Bread Village Kit for this date night. A total of 7 dollars was spent on this date. That night we put the kids to bed, blasted some Christmas music,  poured some wine (I was pregnant at the time of this date, so I opted for some glorified grape juice) and let the ginger bread house decorating competition begin! And yes, yes it must be a competition because crushing your spouse in a mini house decorating contest is hysterical.

For your own Ginger Bread House Date Night you’ll need:

  • Ginger Bread Kit
  • Drinks of choice
  • Music
  • Additional candies if you wanna be super cool, we added in shredded coconut, Nerds, and mini chocolate chips…basically all the baking things we had on hand. Minus the Nerds, those were leftover from Halloween.


  1. Put kids to bed
  2. Turn on music
  3. Pour drinks
  4. Smack talk your partner about who will win said decorating contest
  5. Assemble and decorate houses
  6. Laugh a lot, drink some more, and sneak candy
  7. Go to bed at 9:30 because you’re still raising two babies and you’re tired as fuck



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2017 Gift Guide for Her

Christmas is about twelve days away! Are you ready? If you answered no, then you’re in the same boat I am! Don’t fret. There’s always Amazon. My husband and I have a slight obsession with Amazon, to the point where we have a Prime Amazon credit card because you get 5% back on Amazon purchases. Yeah. It’s probably an unhealthy habit. But luckily for you, I’ve scoured Amazon to find you 12 gifts for those ladies in your life. And in true Amazon enthusiast fashion, most of them, if not all… are Prime. Boo-ya!

2017 gift ideas for mom, sister, sister-in-law. Shop christmas gifts for the ladies in your life.

one | two | three | four | five

six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

You have your standards: nail polish, the perfect red lipstick, a snazzy 2018 planner, the ultimate face mask…but then you switch it up with a delicate white and gold wireless computer mouse (because no woman likes seeing those gawd awful computer cords), Turkish hand towels and some remote-control candles. Just don’t let the toddler eat said candles because apparently they smell so good that they’ll just want to try them. Speaking from experience here. Not one of my candles were tasted, but two. Just to be really sure they weren’t for eating. Moscow mule mugs, pretty glass lotion pumps because us women always want to put things into different, prettier containers (again, speaking from experience), a leather tassel just for funsies, and a whipped cream dispenser.

Now, if you’re wondering why the hell I put a whipped cream dispenser on there, it’s really for the coffee lovers in your life. A friend recently introduced me to homemade NITRO COLD BREW. Shit was da bomb-diggity. You use a whipped cream dispenser (like above) to create the silkiest, sweetest, smoothest cold brew of your life. Is your mind blown? Yeah. Mine was too. Your welcome and happy gifting.

PS: I am an Amazon affiliate so those links are amazon links.

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