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I’m going to deviate from my normal post for this week. Usually I just fill out that pregnancy survey and call it a day. A lot of the questions just have me repeating myself. 

This week has been pretty awesome. I entered the 3rd trimester. I gained some more weight, and celebrated a birthday with a visit from my father! Oh, and how could I forget… we finally painted the accent wall and the crib is set up! 

For my birthday my lovely hubby bought me some flowers and a camera remote. I went a little crazy with the thing and ended up taking almost 150 pictures in under 30 minutes. I tried walking shots, twirling shot and even through in some jumping shots. It’s safe to say that I love my little camera remote! I can’t wait to try my hand at taking some family pictures with the bump. We’ll see what my photo-hating husband has to say about that one. =)

As far as symptoms go I’ve been hit this week with exhaustion. There have been a couple of days where I’ve woken up with absolutely no energy to do anything! By the time I’m done eating breakfast, doing my vest and meds I’m ready to go back to bed! 

They say it’s common to experience exhaustion during the third trimester but I am hard pressed to believe that it would kick in so soon! I have a feeling that this little girl hanging out in my belly maybe going through a growth spurt. I’ve had an itchy belly and I’ve put on just shy of another pound since last week! 

Another symptom I’ve been experience is shortness of breath. Having CF this isn’t unusual- especially with the weather. We are fluctuating between mid 60’s and low 20’s. I kid you not. Saturday was a wonderful 67 degrees and then Sunday- high of 40.  We’re getting snow all day tomorrow, and then by the end of the week will see the 60’s again. This kind of fluctuation really takes a toll on my asthmatic lungs. I breathe much easier in the warmer weather, so to have them going from relaxed to tight in such rapid succession has resulted in a lot of huffing and puffing on my end. 

I still feel like little nugget has yet to really reach the stage where she starts pressing on my diaphragm and lungs. I feel like my coughing is still forceful and productive (sorry little baby! You’re still getting lots of ‘momma hugs.’) It’s only a matter of time until that no longer is the case. 

Since I spend a decent amount of the day chatting to little Overdeep, Kyle has taken it upon himself to read to her at night. Normally I think people read stories along the lines of Peter Rabbit, or maybe even Harry Potter, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are not following that trend. To be fair, I did look for my collection of Beatrix Potter books but it’s lost among the shuffle. Next best book, Norse Mythology. I kid you not, our child is already listening to Odin and the AEsir. She always kicks and rolls around when listening to her daddy read.

Baby O. got really excited last night listening to Kyle explain the newest physics news. We may have a future scientist on our hands. Judging by the amount of kicks, rolls, and punches she was delivering to my gut while listening to the exciting physics news, I can only imagine they were caused by excitement. 

Speaking of excitement, now that the room is really coming together and all the large things are done we can start the next phase: decorating! I’d like to install some shelves to the wall left of the crib, add some art on the opposite wall, create a mobile, add curtains, sew a crib skirt, etc. etc. Kyle let it slip that he was probably more excited for the decorating stage than the actual painting stage. Such a cutie. 

Have a great week everyone! 

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