28 Weeks

Today marks the start of the 28th week of pregnancy for me! It’s been a hit or miss week for me. I’ve been fluctuating between good days and bad days on an alternating cycle. If I have a bad day (short of breath, coughing up a storm, usually throwing up, no energy, etc.) the following day I usually feel great: energy, not short of breath, hardly coughing, etc. I have a clinic appointment today so we’ll see what my doctors have to say about these bizarre happenings. 

I’d like to say that I’ve gained weight, but honestly I have no idea. I weighed myself yesterday morning as was back at 126.2 lbs. I weighed myself again at the end of the day before bed (after giving a decent chunk of time to digest dinner)… and I was up to 129.4. I know I did not eat 3 pounds of food, but I can’t for the life of me decide what my actual weight is. The scale this morning says 128.6 so maybe we’ll go with that? If that’s the case, I haven’t gained the full pound this week but it’s better than being 126.2 like I thought I was yesterday morning.  Weight gain is still causing me a lot of anxiety so we’ll have to see what my nutritionist thinks this afternoon. 

I had a massage yesterday which was heaven! I am definitely going to go back once more while I’m pregnant since it helped turn my ‘bad day’ into a relatively good day. The massage therapist really worked on my shoulders, neck and ribs – the places where I tend to get really tight from coughing so frequently. 
After she was done working on my ribs I managed to clear out some pretty gross lung junk and felt amazingly clear. I also felt like I could stand up decently straight with feeling like I was straining. Also a great feat as I tend to slouch for easier breathability. 

 On Sunday, a good day, we got a decent amount done around the house. We found a new rug for the living room to replace the dirt and dust catching shaggy carpet. We bought some new fancy schmancy grown-up window blinds for the baby’s room and Kyle installed them. While I think Kyle was initially had sticker shock over the PPB (price per blind) after looking at a cheaper version, we decided to go with the higher quality but a tad more expensive ones. I couldn’t be happier with our choice! I believe when “we” were done hanging them, Kyle exclaimed, “Wow, they really class up the joint…”  

They’re just faux wood privacy blinds so they close pretty tightly to block out a decent amount of light. They also came with some crown moulding type trim to encase the lever mechanisms to give it a very finished look. We almost had a snafu, since our windows are super old and have an inside piece of molding that juts out from the frame. I measured the outer frame and not that inside molding piece so after hanging the brackets (on the inside molding frame), we realized the mistake! 
We really wanted to keep them as an inside mounted blind, but we were afraid we were going to have to go back to the store and size down the blinds in order to achieve that. Clever Kyle came up with a solution where we hung them as a hybrid version of an outside mount, meets inside mount and we just placed the bracket after that inner molding frame. The results look fantastic. We had to trim the side molding pieces to fit the sides, but the results were well worth it. 

That’s about it here at Casa de Overdeep. 

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