29 Weeks

Today marks the start of the 29th week of being pregnant. I had my OB appointment today as well as my ultrasound so it was a long morning. My weight checked in at 130, so in the last 4 weeks I’ve managed to put on 6 pounds. Hooray! Everyone was happy with that and things are looking good.

My blood sugars are still on track but I will continue to monitor them, and they will continue to monitor little miss Overdeep’s growth to keep an eye on her weight gain too. Having diabetes involvement you run the risk of having a big baby. So far she’s right on the average track. Her arm bones, head and kidneys are all measuring a few days behind and her belly is measuring exactly 29 weeks.  Measurements like that have a week on either side buffer that is considered ‘normal’ – anything outside that buffer is cause for concern, or reevaluation of your due date.

The little ninja was head up today, which explains the karate kick to the bladder I’ve been feeling lately, and she weighed in at 2 pounds 11 oz.  (estimated of course)

I haven’t had too many pregnancy symptoms although I have started to notice my feet are getting pretty cramped in most of my shoes! Getting a new pair of flats and sneakers are on my list of things to do this week since wearing shoes has become somewhat uncomfortable.

I’ve officially reached the “I can now use my belly as a shelf to hold my ice cream bowl” stage. It’s fantastic.

I’ve been overall feeling much better this week. I started a new inhaled antibiotic and it seems to be really helping. I’ll continue on it for 3 more weeks to really give my lungs a good boost.

I still can’t believe the end is nearing! Only 11 more weeks to go, and that’s if they let me go to 40 weeks. If little miss ninja has other plans, or they feel they need to induce me at the diabetes planned 38 weeks- it could be even less than that! How is it going by so quickly??

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