31 Weeks

31 weeks down, only 9 to go. Over the weekend Kyle and I logged quite a few hours in the car. While traffic coming up was pretty miserable, the love and joy of the weekend was totally worth all the traffic in the world. 

It’s so humbling and overwhelming to know that this little girl, who’s content to squirm around in my belly, is already so loved by all her family. We can’t thank everyone enough who attended the baby shower over the weekend. Everyone spoiled little ninja, she’s already one lucky lady. Her room, however, is a complete disaster now since everything was just popped in there and the door was shut. Hence, why the picture venue has changed for this week. I need to go into organization overdrive to get everything situated and sorted.

We had our first baby class yesterday! (Finally!) I had been nervous since the class was originally supposed to end at my 38 week mark, but since moving it back a week we were looking at 39 weeks. There’s another couple who is due the day before me, so I know I won’t be the only one who may have to miss a class. 😉 
It seems like a good group of people, and I don’t think we’re the youngest ones there. I do know we look like one of the youngest couples, but I’m pretty sure there is at least one couple- if not two, who are younger than us. 
So far it seems like we’ll learn a lot each week. You go home with homework each week. The more you put into the class, the more you get out of it. The teacher and her husband were very nice. There was one part where we had to check off ways we’ve dealt with pain in the past, and I checked off quite a few things. Growing up with CF (specifically CF related pains) you find you have set ways to ‘cope.’ We all went around the circle and said which ones were the ones that really jumped out at us. Everyone chose the standards like massage, heat/cold compress, dark rooms, etc. I straight up said “I like to cry… a lot. ”  To which Kyle pipes in “It’s true. She cries all the time.” We got some laughs. I then elaborated on why I like crying. I think the fact that I recognize that I cry when I’m upset, and I know it helps me is huge. I think holding onto all those pent up emotions when you’re not feeling well just amplifies the problem; a good cry and you’re able to let all those frustrations out and focus on what you can do to actually feel better. If the pain is out of my personal control, well, crying is a great way for me to acknowledge and accept it. I’d say 90% of the time, after crying, I feel better. 

Yesterday I had my 2 week OB appointment. I met another doctor. I’d say at this point I’ve met close to 10 of the 17 high risk OB’s. This particular doctor has a way he likes to do things — including going over every single medicine in detail. While slightly annoying, I recognized it as an opportunity for him to better be acquainted with my regiment and file so if he’s on while I deliver he’ll know who I am. He also said he recognized me from seeing me in passing – so I guess I have one of those faces? He tried to figure out where little ninja was hanging out in my belly but she was too wiggly. Pure ninja style of course.

I asked his opinion (since it’s always good to hear new doctors thoughts on the matter) about the general plan for me to go into labor, would there be any reason to induce vs. letting go into labor on my own? His response was nope! The plan at the moment is to let me do my thang, and when I go into labor I go into labor. He told me about two other CF women who just recently gave birth. One went into labor at 39 weeks and the other at 37 weeks. The one who went into labor at 37 weeks was on TPN due to pancreatic failure, but she and baby ended up being perfectly fine & healthy after having a smooth labor. It was encouraging to hear that both recent CFers, while we all have our little complications here and there, tend to do just fine. And in his words I’m “doing fantastically so far.”

As my belly gets bigger, and little miss Ninja runs out of room, I feel her every wiggle. It’s one of my favorite things about being pregnant. It’s something I know that I’m going to miss dearly when she’s in my arms and not swimming in my tummy. One of my favorite things that’s been happening lately is when she gets the hiccups! I find that whatever I’m doing, I immediately stop so I can just hold my belly and feel each little hiccup. I’d say it’s when she has the hiccups that I get the overwhelming sense of impatiences because I just want to squeeze her and kiss her chubby cheeks already! But I know she has a lot more cookin’ to do.
You stay put little nugget, you hear me??
And now, just so everyone knows what I really look like every day as Kyle goes diligently to work. I present the REAL 31 weeks:

Days usually consist of a late start after Kyle leaves for work. Breakfast is eaten, morning meds are done. If dishes need to be done I usually do it around that time. Dependent on how I’m feeling dictates my day. Sometimes errands are run late morning/ early afternoon. If I’m not feeling that great I usually stay in PJ’s and take it easy. 
Oliver tends to enjoy my ‘take it easy days’ as he’s perfected the art of sleeping in, and snuggling. Lately I’ve been on a crafting spree. I finally have all my fabrics in for the nursery curtains, bumpers, some sheets, and supplies to make a mobile. I have an ottoman to reupholster for a foot rest, and I finally found a small round table to live next to the glider. I’ve had a few sewing days this past week to get everything started. Hopefully I can continue to make progress on those things this week and have an update soon.

Until next week!

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