35 Weeks

35 Weeks: 
a.k.a The Week My Clothes Stopped Fitting

This past week has been a long one. Last Tuesday night I came down with a cold, which really only lasted a few days cold wise. It was your pretty standard cold: sore throat, sinus congestion, headache, sneezes, etc. I had trouble sleeping for a few days, but thanks to a TON of sinus rinses it didn’t last too long. What is lasting, is the bronchitis it seems to have turned into. 

I’ve developed that stupid ‘bullfrog’ type cough which is extremely annoying for someone who actually needs to have productive coughs. An inflamed bronchial passage is the last thing I need right now. I have my pulmonary CF clinic appointment next Tuesday so hopefully if it doesn’t dissipate by then, we can come up with a plan. 

It’s making me feel tired and run down, although I’m sure little miss packing on the pounds hasn’t helped my energy levels. I’ve gotten to the point this week where most of my shirts leave me with the Smee belly syndrome. I have a few extra long tanks that have helped bridge that awkward skin gap. Thankfully it’s been pretty warm here recently so I’ve been cozy in my maxi dresses. 

Last Thursday in the midst of my cold, we thought Little Ninja had dropped! In fact, Kyle and I pretty much agree that she did drop and then scooted her way back up overnight. I had written a whole extra post about it, and I even took comparison belly photos (the next morning) only to realize that my belly looked the same. Thursday night she was hanging super low and my belly looked awfully different. I was discouraged by the belly comparison  and the fact that I was again short of breath (grr! That one night of easy breathing was bliss!) so the post was never posted. 

I’ve been having some on and off Braxton Hicks contractions which I think has helped this little lady stay head down. I had my second NonStressTest (NST) today and it went just about the same as the last one. The little jelly bean was jumping all around though! She had started with her back on my right side, only to flip over to my left side since she apparently isn’t a fan of having a hockey puck disk strapped to her back for a half hour. I don’t blame her! The machine records her movement as little dots and dashes; I think she was trying to send me a message in morse code she was moving so frequently! 

Remote malfunctions capture beauties like these

I’ve started packing a hospital bag, and it’s probably one of the weirdest things for me so far. I’m a pro at hospital packing, but this bag really wins for being the weirdest to pack. I’m usually packing for a two week stay, but this stay will only be a few days. Plus it’s the only time I’ve ever had to pack little newborn hats, socks, and a few sleeper onsies in my hospital bag. We’re getting close folks! 

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