4 Months

Dear Emerson Claire,

You are already 4 months old. This past month has been a really great one. It started out with a trip up to Rhode Island to see everyone and you were such a good baby the whole time. You were a champ in the car and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

We had a rough go for a bit when I had to go on antibiotics for 2 weeks could only nurse you twice during the day -every 12 hours to be exact. You were not thrilled about taking a bottle from me, but you gradually warmed up to the idea.

You’ve managed to roll over quite a few times by yourself. It doesn’t happen often. There is a certain mood you have to be in in order to roll yourself over, but each time is just as exciting as the last. You’ve definitely learned to enjoy tummy time more, which is great since sleeping in your crib on your back has given you quite the flat spot, and if we’re really honest, it’s given you quite the bald spot too!

Your personality is really starting to come alive. Much to my despair this also includes whining. How, how, at 4 months old have you already discovered whining?? You’re not afraid to give us an earful when we’re not at your every beck and call. For now we think it’s cute, but I’m sure we’ll reach a point where it’ll stop being cute.

You light up the room every time you smile, and this past month has been full of them. You smile every time you see your Daddy, and you smile when Oliver goes crazy. You’ve even started giggling and truly laughing. Of course you make us work very hard for each and every giggle and laugh, but all those dances and jigs we do are well worth it. But nobody, I mean nobody, has made you laugh like Oliver. All he has to do is walk into the room and you burst out in a huge grin and giggles surely follow.

You’re all about your hands this past month, so much so that we stopped swaddling you. We stopped cold turkey! It took a few nights of waking up a bunch, and needing extra comfort to fall asleep, but now you’re a rockstar at being free. I think it made nap-time and bedtime smoother overall.

When you’re not sleeping, you’re chomping on everything you can manage to bring to your mouth. You’ve got quite the grip so you’re less likely to lose whatever it is you’re holding onto. Your focus is fantastic now and you’ll look around the room searching for Daddy when you hear his voice.

You had your 4 month checkup this past Monday and you were very well behaved. You were 24.5 inches long (About the 55th percentile) and weighed in at 11 pounds even– about the 1st percentile. Your doctor isn’t concerned that you’re a peanut, since you’ve almost doubled your birth weight and you were up 2.5 lbs in two months. That averages out to a gain of 3-4 oz per week which is on the low side of normal. You had to get round 2 of shots (8 vaccines total, in 3 shots and 1 oral medicine) and you hardly cried. You cried on the first one, and the nurse was so quick that when she was done I signed “all done” and went to scoop you, but by the time I went to pick you up you had pretty much stopped crying. The nurse was highly impressed, as was I. You were such a trooper. I definitely have a strong little girl on my hands.

Emerson, this past month has been an absolute blast. You get cuter everyday (yes! I can’t believe it either) and watching you discover the world around you is breathtaking. You are the light and joy in my days and your Daddy and I love you to pieces. Happy 4 months baby girl.

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