4th Time’s the Charm

This is my 4th attempt at writing a blog post. Week three was a long one, but at the same time went by so quickly! 

Emmie weighs 6lbs 11 oz as of last Monday!
I’m having a lot of pain due to Emerson and I having thrush. Painful nursing + lack of sleep + insurance issues to get a breast pump delivered = one stressed out momma. 
Kyle has been a great husband and is doing everything he can to make me more comfortable. I know thrush can’t last forever (at least, I hope not!) but it’s been really discouraging this week. I had one particularly rough day where all I wanted to do was cry. I called Kyle home from work that day and he left right away to come cheer me up. 
We’re still figuring out a good schedule to make our days run smoothly as Kyle transitions back to work full time. We’ll get there. It’s tough, but sweet baby snuggles makes it all worth it (and then some!). 

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