6 Months

                                                                                                                   December 18th, 2014
My little one,          

Where time goes, I couldn’t tell you. I can’t believe we’re at your halfway mark to your first year. As usual, you’ve grown quite a bit this month… alright, maybe not size wise since you’re still barely in 3-6 month clothing (and still in some 0-3 month items!), but you’re development keeps on amazing us.

This month you’ve mastered the back to belly roll. Of course, you decided to roll for the first time as your Daddy boarded a plane for a conference for the week. By the time he was back you had mastered rolling across the floor. For a while you only rolled one direction, but every once in a while I catch you rolling the opposite way.

You also chose the day Daddy left to catch your first cold! Which you then passed onto me. You ran little fevers, had a super stuffy/runny nose, and every once in a while had a wee cough. The majority of the time you were feeling icky you were a sad panda. You hardly smiled, you never laughed, and you were all around grumpy. Sleeping was terrible! You were up almost every hour. It didn’t help that you learned to roll and caught your cold all at the same time. You tried rolling in your sleep and would wake yourself up, only to realize how icky you felt.

Since it was just you and me for the week, I ended up bringing you to the big bed where we snuggled all of those early morning hours. You finally found relief when I rolled you on your belly and showed you how to lay your head down to rest belly down. You almost instantly fell asleep and stayed asleep. Since it was your first time sleeping on your belly, I didn’t get much sleep since I had to continuously check to see if you were breathing. I slept when you started to snore. Another week or so later, you sleep mostly on your side or your belly. We now consider it your preference and sometimes during the middle of the night you’ve wedged yourself up against the side of the crib and need help rolling over.

You’re also more frustrated on your belly. You’ll roll onto your belly, prop yourself up on your knees, and then the rest is still a mystery to you. You always end up face planting into the carpet with a little, “thud.” You can spin yourself around, and now that you’re rolling you have some form of movement, but the crawl still alludes you for now.

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving this month! Grammy & Grampy came down with Auntie Julie and you tried your first taste of mashed potatoes. You got lots and lots of snuggles and you entertained them with lots of silly noises and smiles.

We’ve started letting you explore the world of food, and you’re quite the fan. You loathe baby cereal and want the good stuff. You have tried: toast, broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, honeydew melon, eggs, potatoes, green beans, banana and possibly more! You pretty much like everything except eggs. Honeydew melon in your little mesh eater has been one of your favorite things so far! I bet it feels nice on your tender gums.

You drooled up a storm this past month, and were ferocious about having something to chew on at all time. I could have sworn you’d have a tooth by now, but you keep me guessing. Your drool output has slowed down, and you’re not quite as vicious when you gnaw. For now we’ll keep enjoying your tooth-less grin.

We recently joined a gym – just you and I. Daddy goes to his gym at school, but we joined the one right around the block. You’ve had a rough couple of first days, object permanence is something you grasp now, so you know that when I leave the room I’m still somewhere. When I hand you over to the women who work the daycare room you get a sad, almost panicked look and you’ve begun reaching for me. You tend to fuss for a little but usually settle down. I think you’ll do great once everyone gets to know you and vice versa.

You recently got scared for the first time. We ordered a new big living room rug for you to learn to crawl around on, and the when Daddy was crinkling the loud bag it came in, you let out three short terror yelps, and then cried. It was the cutest sad thing to ever happen. Since then you have also gotten scared when Lauren ripped some wax paper off the roll during cookie making.

You’re making new sounds and still like to stick your tongue out. You still absolutely adore Oliver and you squeal with delight when he’s going “Crazy,” he still gets the biggest belly laughs out of all of us.

You’ve been a little easier to put to bed after you got over your cold. You’ll sleep from 8pm to around 8am. Of course,  you’re still waking up every 3-4 hours but you know, you won’t do that forever… hopefully! I think you were just cursed as you’ve inherited both your mine, and your fathers’ bad sleeping habits. Insomnia from him, light sleeper from me… what a combo.

There’s still no rhyme or reason to your day, and you tend to nap whenever you want. It drives me crazy. Once the holiday’s are over I’m going to be cracking down and helping you find a schedule we both can stick to.

The last thing I’d like to tell you about this past month is something that makes me a little sad. We’ve stopped breastfeeding. Our nursing days are over. I kept losing weight, and it just was getting to be too demanding for my body to continue. We made it pretty much to your 6-month mark, which is phenomenal. I miss it terribly and while it makes me sad, I know I’m only doing it so that I can be the healthiest momma I can for you.

We’ve had quite a few trying days this past month, so while it may have been hard, it wasn’t any less special. I hope you know just how special you are to us Emmie.
Your Momma

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