7 Months

Dear Emerson Claire,

You hit the 7th month mark this weekend. I cannot believe you are closer to a year than you are to a newborn. You’ve made some incredible progress this month. You’ve learned to crawl, you started to enjoy eating foods, and you’ve slept through the night a few nights.

You weighed in at 13.5lbs and you were 26.5 inches long (!) at your late 6 month appointment. You cried so hard from the shots they gave you that your lips started turning blue. (eek!) Although afterwards you were right back to your happy self.

Daddy and I have commented more and more — since it’s just becoming more apparent every day– about what a good baby you are. You almost never cry, you’re happy when we go out, you’re happy when we stay in, you don’t get frustrated when we continually take Oliver’s toys out of your mouth… you are just the sweetest, happiest little girl and we are so, so thankful. You show such determination already, and when you fail you just try again; there’s no whining or crying about it, you just try again. We couldn’t be more proud. You help me see the positive in every single day. At a simple seven months you continually push me to grow as a mother, a wife, and a human being.

You crawl everywhere now. Although, your favorite place to crawl is over to Oliver so you can steal his toys. It doesn’t matter how many awesome toys you have out, your favorites are the dog toys. There’s one in particular you’re quite smitten with, so much so, that I took it and scrubbed the bajeezes out of it since you continually would find it and chew on it. At least it’s a smidge cleaner now.

You’re really into other kids and people now. When we have playdates you smile and do this excited pant. Sometimes if the excitement is just too much to handle, you flail your arms while panting. You’ve begun to crawl over to other kids and try to pet them, climb them, hold their hands, etc. It’s pretty darn cute.

You continue to love bathtime, and we’ve gotten your nightime routine down pretty well. Naps are going great, and for the first time (ever) you’ve begun to sprinkle in some nights where you sleep from 9pm-8am. Daddy loves those nights the best.

You like to sit on Daddy’s shoulders, and you love to dance in front of the mirror with Daddy. You still love when Oliver goes crazy. You are starting to concentrate more when I sign the songs we sing. I’m hoping you’ll pick up a few signs soon!

All in all you make parenting an easy delight. If I knew all of our future kids would be as easy as you, I’d say “let’s have a dozen more!” but I’m not sure we can top this. You are certainly spoiling us. I hope we can continue to return the favor and spoil you in return.

Love Love Love,
Your Momma.

PS: Your eyes are still so crazy blue.

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