8 Months

Dearest Emerson,

Just a few days ago we celebrated you turning 8 months old. I find myself oddly aware of your behavioral changes; you’re slowly morphing from tiny, helpless baby into this adventurous, independent toddler. It breaks my heart, and yet causes it to burst with pride.

This past month was a turning point for all of us. You’ve begun sleeping through the night – more nights than not. And you officially have begun teething. We can see the very top of a tooth starting to break through your gums. This past month was the last one we could enjoy your toothless, gummy grin.

yes, that is a little tooth you see!

This past month you mastered crawling over objects and you started to pull your tiny body up. The amount of strength and determination you show is humbling. I no longer complain about going to the gym and if I ever find myself in need of motivation I turn to you little one. You basically work out all day, ever day. Pulling yourself up on items has led to not having a spare moment of time for myself. I’m constantly behind you making sure to catch you when you decide to let go of the object supporting your weight and while you free fall backwards in a planking position. There have been two times where I wasn’t there to catch you, and we both were upset when you smashed your little noggin straight into the floor. Thank goodness we were upstairs on the nice carpeted floor!

That said, I’ve been working very hard with you to teach you how to let go and sit down. You finally caught on and now I’m not as paranoid that my little lady will be crashing all over the place.

Your stoic personality has been morphing as well. You are still super well behaved when we’re out, and regardless of how tired you are, you’re content to sit and watch the world go by. However, at home, it’s a different story. You’ve started to laugh a lot more, but you’ve also started to cry a lot more. You fall down, you cry. You accidentally drop a soft toy on your head, you cry. You laugh as we make a silly sound, and then when we repeat the sound again you quiver your little chin and then burst into tears! You cry more easily now that your little tooth is making it’s way up. I don’t blame you one bit, cutting a tooth seems so painful! Unfortunately there’s not much we can do for you besides Tylenol at night to help you sleep better.

We’ve been on adventures to the library where we pick up 5 or 6 new books to read and then we play in the children’s museum-esque set up at Storyville. You crawl around exploring the new lands with your hands, eyes, and of course mouth! I always have to reassure myself that this is how you build a great immune system. Surprisingly, you haven’t ever gotten sick after a Storyville adventure so I say you’re already on a roll.

You had your first ‘sled ride’ as we plopped you in a laundry basket and toted you around. You were less than thrilled. The last time we took you out while it was snowing, you hung out for about five minutes and then you started to make the saddest little cry you ever did hear. You are not a fan of the snow.

You’ve really been into eating these last few weeks. I’m trying very hard to make sure you get at least 2 good meals a day, and just recently I’ve bumped it up to 3 meals since that seems to be your preference. You love to have what we’re eating but some of your favorites include:blueberries, bread with creamcheese or peanut butter, and peas. You still loathe eggs and will promptly spit them out after eagerly shoveling them in your mouth. (I secretly cheer you on in my mind, ‘atta girl, just like mommy!)

I continue to love watching you grow, learn and laugh. You are something very special.

Your Momma

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