A Big Bum

After cloth diapering for two years as a nanny, I knew it was for me. I loved it. It was just as easy as disposables, but so much better for the environment. Even if the environment wasn’t a factor, my charge never got diaper rashes in his cloth diapers, but would frequently get rashes in his disposables. Cloth diapers just looked more comfortable, and it had the added perk of being chemical free!

1. Prep 2. Lift 3. WOAH 4. Did you see mama? I almost rolled over!

When I exclaimed to my husband that we should definitely cloth diaper, I was bracing for negativity, but was met with equal excitement. He was on board! We put a few cloth diapers on our registry and ended up with 3 total. 

When Emerson was born, at just a mere 6lbs, I knew it’d be a while until she fit into her big cloth diapers. I ended up ordering some newborn cloth diapers from a site in China. A week or so later my gal was decked out in her cute newborn cloth diapers. The newborns were a little tricky since my little lady had super skinny legs and a big ol’ belly… we did have some leaking issues until we discovered a little trick of twisting the Velcro to tighten the leg.

But now that Emerson has “bulked up” to a whopping 10 – almost 11- pounds, she fits in the ‘all in one’ sized diapers! I purchased 3 at the same time I purchased the newborn diapers to try out the brand – they were 4x cheaper than the brand name bumgenius ones, so if they worked, I planned on stocking up. 

They worked just fine, so I went back to the site a couple days later and stocked up. For the price of two boxes of disposables, I order enough diapers to do diaper laundry once every 4 or 5 days, and these should last until she’s potty trained. I believe I told Kyle “There’s good news and bad news. The good news is, the diapers came in! The bad news is, I totally went overboard and we now have a TON of diapers, but more good news, I don’t have to do laundry everyday now!”

about 2/3rds of the “stash”

I’m so happy with our decision to cloth diaper. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s worked out really well for us so far.  The fact that it’s better for her bum, and we aren’t generating diaper waste for the landfill, are just bonus… And I mean, c’mon, look at this girl and her big squishy cloth bum, does it get any cuter?! 

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