A Girl and Her Pup

A while back I had posted about Emerson and Oliver’s relationship. It’s still growing and blossoming. It’s quite amazing to watch the bond between these two develop. At this stage, they’re best buds, but mainly because they like all the same things.

Favorite activities of both dog and child include, but are not limited to, staring out the window, staring out the front door, chewing on dog toys, chasing after balls, getting into the bathroom trash and crawling under the kitchen table.

They make quite the pair. We can already tell these two are going to be trouble. Sometimes we catch Emmie sneaking pieces of her breakfast, lunch and even dinner over the side to a waiting, salivating Oliver.

There’s certainly nothing like seeing Emerson get so excited when Oliver jumps up onto the couch to window watch with her. Or when Oliver does his classic, “drive by kiss,” and Emerson turns her head and puts her hands up. Although, yesterday she accepted kisses open mouth and all. Blegh.

Oliver takes it all in stride. His fur has been pulled, his paws have been “eaten”, his toys have been stolen and he’s literally been crawled over… and he offers her nothing but love. He surrenders his heart and his toys no matter the situation. He’s such a good boy with Emerson and he’s been making us proud!

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