A Girl and Her Pup

We go on adventures throughout the house
I can sneak up on him as quiet as a mouse.
He shares all his toys without peep
and in return I sneak him things to eat.
He makes me laugh with delight,
preforming his tricks is such a sight!
Sometimes he speaks with a great big bark! 
And sometimes Mom takes us both to the park.
His water bowl is the best,
he lets me splash about;
and he gives me kisses
when I pout.
There are times where I use my hands
to grab his tail but he somehow understands
that I don’t mean to hurt him, I just need to explore
it’s part of learning — our life on the floor.
We’re learning to love each other more every day
our friendship grows in such a special way
we’ll play, cuddle, and together we’ll grow up
Emerson and Ollie: a girl and her pup.

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