A Girl and Her Pup

There are some days where nothing in the world seems to be exactly what Emmie wants. I’m talking whiny, push me away, throw everything on the floor kinda days. This can be applied to almost anything; food, drinks, toys, and sometimes even books. I know, throwing books makes me cringe too. Toddlers, am I right?

It’s these days that I am so thankful for the big animal books we have (and can readily check out from the library). Cranky baby? Animal time. My girl is definitely following in her Daddy’s footsteps. She loves  animals. Loves. Her first real sound made on purpose? An elephant sound. I kid you not! Of all the sounds and words to say, she chose the elephant. ‘Atta girl. 
She’s quick to point out any picture or advertisement that includes the furry little things, and our animal books are on constant repeat. For a while though, she didn’t seem to pay Oliver, her very own live dog, any mind. He was nothing more than a nuisance trying to steal her crackers right outta her hands… until one day. One day recently it clicked. Oliver is a dog! I love doggies… therefore, I love Oliver!

Oliver now gets daily hugs, pats and snuggles. And if we’re being honest, the wide open mouth kisses still happen. And I still shudder every. single. time. Claire-bear will still steal his toys out of his mouth, or happily toss a ball for him, but her newest thing? It’s pretty darn cute. Out of the blue, Emerson will approach Oliver and rub his back, hug his neck, or stroke an ear. Every time, I find myself needing to mop up the puddle that is my heart. Oh, you sweet girl you, I hope your love for animals continues a very, very long time. 
For now, Oliver is both, a nuisance and a joy. One thing you can count on? These two are always close to one another. Just a girl, and her pup.

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