Hi there, welcome to The Overdeeps: a blog about going over the deep end in first time parenting. I’m Beth, full time Mom, wife & CF booty kicker… and part-time cheesy pun maker. <See pun above>

I first heard about my husband when my older sister brainwashed me/ convinced me he would be my one true love, we’d date, fall in love and eventually get married. I had just graduated the 8th grade. And if you guessed that his older sister was giving him the same speech, well you were right on the money!

The first thing I ever said to him, after sashaying up, arms laden with books threatening to knock me over, was “Hi, you must be Kyle… we’re supposed to get married!” And the rest is history! Actually, no, he went on to turn beet red squeaked out a “you must be Beth,” and promptly ran away. Sigh. True love at it’s finest.

We dated freshman and sophomore years and then I proceeded to dump him (twice, but who really keeps count). Even though I was banned from his house by my future mother-in-law, I eventually realized the errors of my ways and lured Kyle back with a french baguette and professed my love – the night before he left for college 14 hours away. I have impeccable timing.

We dated long distance for two years and it was tough, but also amazing. I eventually joined him in Virginia while he finished up his bachelor’s degree. We lived in an apartment off campus, complete with two furry ferrets, a  stripper “fitness” pole and a neighbor named “Crazy Curtis.” Kyle proposed after graduation and off we went to the next state for his next degree. He’s currently finishing up his PhD.

We eventually fulfilled the prophecy foretold by our sisters by tying the knot in 2012. I continued to nanny while he went to school. I fell pregnant naturally in fall of 2013 (huge accomplishment for women with Cystic Fibrosis) and had a relatively easy, wonderful pregnancy. We welcomed our first daughter, Emerson Claire, in June 2014.

These are our stories. Bum bum. <Law & Order anyone?>

*amazing wedding pictures by the talented Brad Smith. If you’re in the RI/MA/CT area, I highly recommend him!*