All things Cat

Emerson has been obsessed with cats lately. She thinks bunnies are also cats, so now that Easter gear is out I hear “mew mew mew” a lot more frequently. She doesn’t have any cat themed things, we’ve got dogs covered, but now that’s she’s really into cats I’ve been looking into some cute cat themed gear.
All things Cat
How cute would Emmie be carrying around that little cross-body cat purse? I can just see her stashing her beloved paci’s in there. And that clock? I mean, her current clock is full of penguins, but this clock would definitely be a big hit. And don’t get me started on those insanely cute cat flats! I’m not sure she’d even be able to walk since I’m positive she would just want to sit and point at her feet and say “mew.”

Yes, there’s no denying she’s in a huge “cat” phase. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few animal phases as she grows up. Emerson has such a big heart for her animals, just like her Daddy. 

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