Another week makes 33

This week has flown by! The days are getting warmer and longer, while I’m getting bigger and more tired! I’m trying to recall what went on this week and well, I’ll be darned if I can’t remember a single thing.

We tried to go yard-sale(ing) again this past weekend, but it ended up being a huge bust. There was another nice community with fancy signs up all week for their community yard sale, but on the actual day there were only about 3-4 sales with nothing but junk. We dragged our friends so I felt terrible for having them get up so early only to go to the saddest yard sale of all time. At least the weather was very nice and it made for an enjoyable morning walk.

Kyle and I also did some shopping at Babies-R-US since we had bit of a carseat snafu. The Graco seat we registered for and received as a gift came with the newest model base and it didn’t fit in the Prius! When we registered for it, I was assuming the base was the same size as the old Graco Snug-Ride that I had used with my charge, which fit in the Prius, but alas, the new base was much bigger. I even had a hard time fitting it comfortably in my Altima. So, we spent the weekend trying out carseats in the Prius to find one that fit comfortably. It took a lot of trials but we ended up finding one that worked out wonderfully! Thankfully Babies-R-Us was great; in exchange for leaving our license up at the front desk, we could take out any carseat to try to fit it in our car, when we came back with the seat our license was returned. It was very, very helpful to test them all out to find the one that fit the best.

The stroller finally was taken out of the box and assembled- which took all of 5 minutes. Quickest,  most fool-proof assembly ever. I wanted to take it out of a spin but Kyle said unless there was a baby in it, we were not going to be “those weirdos.” haha Fair enough, husband, fair enough.

I have an ultrasound and my regular OB appointment in a couple of hours. I plan on asking my OB about eating while laboring. Usually they have a no eating or drinking policy, but I’m afraid my chances of a cesarean would increase dramatically if that is the case for me. I exert so much energy just on a daily basis due to my CF, that I cannot imagine trying to labor for hours on end with just a saline/glucose IV drip to fuel my body. Worse case scenario they still say no, and I’m no worse off. I think if they do say no, I’m going to try to stay home as long as possible so I can have the freedom of eating and drinking as needed. We live an easy 15 minute drive – 25 in rush hour traffic- from the hospital, that I’m not too concerned about ‘getting there.’ We also live 3 minutes (in traffic) from the nearest hospital incase of an absolute emergency. We’ll just have to see what the OB team thinks.

Since I have to leave for my appointment in about a half hour, I don’t have time for pictures at this point. Check back tomorrow or later tonight for some 33 week belly pictures! I’m at that point where even I’m starting to feel like I look big! My reflection sometimes catches me off guard since it looks like I’ve just stuffed a basketball under my shirt. haha

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