Baby Overdeep is a Girl!

 How far along? 20 Weeks! Half-way done.

Total weight gain/loss: Still holding out at 120ish. I’m supposed to start gaining a pound a week from this point out. We’ll see how that goes, but so far I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to pull it off. 
Maternity clothes? Rocking my mix of maternity jeans, stretchy shirts, and some maternity shirts.
Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Sleep has gotten better. I didn’t get much in the hospital, but ever since I’ve been home I’ve been sleeping soundly. With the exception of last night; I was too excited for the finalizing of the gender this morning. 
Best moment this week: Finding out that we are officially having a baby girl! She’s growing really well, and everything looks great so far. 
Miss Anything? I miss being able to bend over without thinking about it. I’m starting to get uncomfortable when I’m putting on my lace-up winter boots.  
Movement: This girly is already practicing her soccer skills. I feel kicks and punches all day long! She jams out when I’m listening to upbeat music, or when I’m playing the piano & singing. She tends to roll around a lot at night! There have been some instances where she hunkers down in one spot, usually to one side or the other, and it can get quite uncomfortable. But, I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Especially when we’re out and about, little nugget will start kicking away and I feel like it’s a secret since I’m the only one who knows! 

Food Cravings:  I had a craving for Chicken Korma yesterday, so I ordered chicken korma. haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Feeling pretty good now that I’m over the flu!
Yup, it’s a girl.

Gender: Baby Overdeep is a GIRL!

Labor signs: None
Belly button in or out? It”s threatening to flip out any time now.  
Happy or moody most of the time? Well, all in all pretty happy. I survived the flu with minimal side effects, had a short hospital stay, found out we’re having a girl, and get to go back to napping! I’d say overall this week has been happy! 
Looking forward to: Painting the nursery walls so we can order the crib! We already ordered the glider so it will be here in a few weeks!!

“Thumbs up for things going swimmingly”
Baby at the ultrasound today was giving us “thumbs up” for everything going “swimmingly”. <Bad pun created by Kyle> She was so cozy in her spot I have to go back next week for another scan! She was so content that she didn’t move enough for a spinal measurement. Little girl was positioned so that her back was towards my back/ribs. Her bottom was towards my right hip. Since her spine was tucked to the back the technician couldn’t manipulate the image enough to get a measurement. Little troublemaker was kicking the wand away but refused to roll over. She also kept her hands by her face almost the whole time. Hopefully next week she’ll be a bit more cooperative.
Oliver wanted to be in the pictures too! The first picture cracks me up, that face! 

I’m not sure Oliver ‘gets’ that I’m pregnant. I think once the baby is here it will be his baby. Fun fact: Pit bulls were originally bred to be ‘nanny dogs’ which is where their territorial instinct comes into play. They were protecting their babies! People then used to them as guard dogs and they got a bad rap. Oliver is the sweetest pumpkin with our neighborhood kids. I can’t wait to see him with the nugget. Like I said, I have a feeling he’s going to think it’s his baby.
Baby during first trimester scan. 

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