Bloom Box: A review

My step-sister Stasha gifted me a 6 month Bluum Box subscription for my baby shower gift… along with a plethora of cute knitted hats!

Bluum Box is a paid subscription service where for around 30$ a month (less if you subscribe for  3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions) you receive a monthly box filled with age appropriate goodies for you and your baby.

This is my 3rd box and it’s theme is “Welcome to the World.”  The items in the box that I received were as followed:

1. 6oz Ventaire Bottle from Playtex. Value: $4.49
2. Nipple Variety Pack for the Ventaire Bottle. Value: $8.99
3.Soft Mitten Set Value: $8.00
4.Organic Ruffle Rattle Value: $10.99
5. Grey Cheveron Burp Cloth Value: $9.00
Extra: Coupon Book for Playtex merchandise Value: $25 dollars worth of coupons for specific Playtex items. 
Total Value (not including coupons): About $41.00
Playtex Ventaire Bottle: While I like the concept of this bottle, I’m not thrilled to have another random plastic bottle. We’ll sanitize it and try it out, and perhaps I’ll have a better update on it. 

Playtex Ventaire Nipple Variety Pack: I’d say this is the most exciting aspect of receiving the ventaire bottle.  This nipple pack has some things I’ve never seen before. It has two different “breast” like nipple shapes, a wide nipple – for babies with larger mouths, and a slanted nipple for tilted or upright feeding. I love the idea that bottle nipples shouldn’t come in one standard shape & size, I know real nipples surely don’t! Emerson doesn’t seem to picky about her bottle nipples, seeing as she’s taken 3 different bottles so far, all with different shaped nipples, but having this variety is nice. I could see this being very helpful if we were struggling to get her to take to a bottle. 

Soft Mitten Set in Chocolate & Green Tea: I wish I had gotten these in the previous month’s box because they would have been much better than the socks we were using for the first 4 weeks. These are super soft and easy to put on. I definitely wouldn’t pay 8 dollars for this set, but they are nice nonetheless. They seem to stay on pretty well and they don’t leave elastic marks around her wrists after she’s been wearing them. 
Organic Ruffle Rattle: I’m on the fence about this item. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I like the fact that it’s organic so it’s a great soft toy that Emmie can munch on. The thing I really disliked? The tags! They are so scratchy and stiff. It’s just a nuisance to have tags in the first place, not to mention having tags that definitely need to be cut off before baby can play with the toy. If I had a choice, I’d pass on this item. The rattles we received last box out-shined this one by far. 

Grey Chevron Burp Cloth: Another item I’m not too particularly fond on. As a hobby, I like to sew. This is nothing more than a strip of trendy fabric sewn onto a cheesecloth like cloth diaper. Straight out of the box this burp cloth is very stiff, scratchy, and overall disappointing.  I’m sure it will get softer with each wash, and maybe then, perhaps I’ll enjoy it. I think in the meantime, it will be housed in our diaper bag for an emergency spit up cloth. 

 All in all I wasn’t a big fan of this box. It could have just been that my previous month’s box was just so good that anything in comparison isn’t up to par. It’s still quite a bit of fun to see what you get each month! Hopefully next month’s box will make up for the lack of exciting items in this box. 

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this subscription of Bluum box. All opinions are my own and not endorsed, encouraged, or affiliated with Bluum Box in anyway. There is a referral link in this post, where I will receive one free box if someone signs up using said referral link.*

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