The Best Time of The Year

These short days are driving me crazy already! They just keep getting shorter and shorter. By the time Emmie wakes up from her nap, the sun is setting. It’s getting too cold to comfortably play outside longer than 20 minutes or so, and the dog is starting to hog the most powerful heating vent.

We’re getting stir crazy over here! The best way to combat house claustrophobia is by having ALL THE HOLIDAYS throw up in your house. No, seriously, I want my olfactory senses drowning in cinnamon, pine, and all of the candles. I want to damage my eyes by covering every square inch of free space in twinkly lights and I want Alexa to never stop singing me beautiful Christmas songs about a guy I don’t really believe in…. 
But before all that happens I needed to survive cooking an almost 20 lb turkey and mashing close to 10lbs of potatoes. And you know what? I survived! And quite gracefully, I might add.

My house was filled with wine, family and giggles. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Emerson was spoiled rotten with early Christmas presents, hugs & snuggles and lots of playing with Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love. 

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Halloween Fun

My big plans for a family costume fell short as October really got away from me. At least Emerson had her full getup. She went as “Toothless,” from How to Train Your Dragon.  We planned on taking a family walk around dusk to see the early trick-or -treaters and maybe stop by a house or two to show Emmie the ins and outs of trick-or-treating. 

Well, this girl catches on quick. After watching a few of the big kids, she marched right up with her bucket, patiently waited, reached in grabbed a candy, and put it in her bucket. What?! Everyone, “Ooohed,” and “Awwwed” all night over this little spitfire running up their walkways. We thought she’d be over it in 5 minutes, but oh nay nay! This girl went trick-or-treating for close to an hour. An hour! 

She was literally running from house to house, skipping the ones she felt unworthy, and a couple of times tried to sneak more than one piece of candy. She not only would walk up to the doors and wait patiently for a treat bowl, but she also performed thorough inspections of any and all Halloween yard decorations. If a house had a dog outside as a candy helper, she made sure to pet the dog first, and some houses she skipped the treat in favor of dog kisses. Emmie is certainly her father’s daughter. 

Some of the houses I thought would have been too scary for her she ended up investigating the most. Strobe lights, freaky electronic skeletons, a blacked out costume with nothing but a few glow sticks… this girl took it all in stride. We were flabbergasted. The little pink makeshift bucket we brought was filled to the brim in no time. 

I think it’s safe to say our girl loved her first trick-or-treating experience, cold and all!

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