Happy Wife, Happy Life

You know that saying, “Happy wife, happy life” well, that is very true around this house. On days where I don’t get out of the house everyone is a bit cranky in the evenings. If I’m not feeling well everyone is a little agitated because my patience wears thin early on. If I’ve had a great day, or am hopped up on caffeine, everyone is all smile… usually. I mean I do have a three year old and you know what they’re like. *insert eye roll here as 3 year old has a mega drama meltdown over the fact she wanted to go through the door first*

With that said here are a few things that are keeping me smiling recently:

1. All the Halloween things.
Maybe it’s the fact that Halloween revolves around one of my favorite things: dress up & costumes. I’m not into spooky, I’m not into scary, but boy, oh boy am I into dressing up and creating. Maybe this is where my intense love for Halloween comes from. I can remember as a girl painstakingly deciding what I wanted to be for Halloween and creating the perfect costume. Now, as a Mom, it’s even more fun since it combines my love of sewing & creating and of course, my two little love bugs. I’ve made all of Emmie’s Halloween costumes so far, but I’m not sure I will be creating a costume this year for her since she just wants to be Elsa – booooring. Hubby is trying to convince her to be a “spooky rat.” Hysterical. We’re leaning towards making Vera be a skunk just so that when she crawls around her big skunk tail will trail behind her.

2. Essential oils.
I looove me some good smelling candles, but lately candles have been bothering my lungs. So I stopped burning them. But the house is pretty smelly with two kids and a dog. I finally bit the bullet and hopped on the essential oil train and I don’t regret it. I love creating combos to diffuse & I have been slightly obsessed about using it in everything that goes on my body – face-wash, body-scrub, lotion, lip scrub, shave cream, shampoo… my husband has declared it’s my weirdest hobby to date. I am inclined to agree with him, but that won’t stop the crazy. OIL EVERYTHING. Except food. I don’t ingest them since I’m on so many meds that I wouldn’t want to risk an unknown interaction. I use these and these.

3. Sewing.
I’ve been making time to sew a few things here and there. After a mega meltdown about wearing a nightgown for the one millionth time in a row I promised Emerson we would go pick out some fabric together for a new nightgown. She picked “spooky spider fabric” and I whipped up a new nightgown. I also made a pumpkin dress, a ghost dress and have a skirt for both Emmie and Vera in the works. It feels so good to have physical proof of my time rather than a vague mental list of all the things I’ve done all day.

4. Coloring with Emmie.
We’ve been doing a lot of coloring lately and Emerson always begs for you to color with her. If I’m feeling stressed out I will sit iwth her and color. It’s a great way for me to spend a few minutes to relax and reset if the day has been stressful, and Emerson enjoys doing an activity with me. She’s been getting really good at coloring in the lines. We’ve been coloring so much our fancy markers are already drying out less than 2 months of use.

5. New home decor.
This is a lame one, but I recently bought these two big black lanterns. I wanted some more substantial to decorate the mantle with. After thinking about exactly what I wanted I finally gathered the courage to spend 60 dollars on two big lanterns. I also splurged and got remote controlled led candles. Yes, you read that right, remote controlled. They are awesome! Real wax, lightly vanilla scented and turn on and off via remote. The day we set them up Emmie and I took turns like two giddy idiots turning them on and off with the remote. “Ooooh! Look they’re on again. Okay okay my turn!!…oooh now they’re off! This is so cool. You try!” And so on. I won’t tell you how long we spent doing that for fear of embarrassment.


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Emerson Claire Turns 3

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My Dearest Emmie,

You turned three this past weekend! To say you are excited is an understatement. You’ve made leaps and bounds since your last birthday, in all aspects of life. Not only have you grown about 7 inches (and finally gained some weight!) but you now actually like talking! You’re clever and smart. You love ice cream and frozen lemonade pops. You love playing make-believe with your dollies & enjoy watching your Dad play computer games. You are the manners police and call us out by saying, “No eating and talking Mom!” or, “You need to say ‘excuse me’ after you burp, Dad.” Touché, little one, touché.

You are strong as ever and can jump for hours with your Dad on the trampoline. You love helping in the kitchen, and having tea-parties.  You’ve slowly started questioning everything. “Because why?” you’ll say. You still call Oliver your best bud, and have no trouble bossing him around. You’re very matter-of-fact and highly opinionated when it comes time to get dressed. You enjoy wearing nothing but princess dresses these days. You’ll let me do your hair only if you can watch a video & usually you request one “Elsa braid.” Since your hair is so fine your braid usually only lasts a few minutes (or half an hour on a good day) before your hair is all in your face again.

You are still silly as ever too. Your dance moves never fail to make us laugh. And your sudden need to exclaim how much you love us could make anyone’s heart explode from sweetness. But don’t be fooled by all these sweet tales. You’re as sassy as sassy comes. You’re still quite the negotiator and pretty defiant at this age too. You love simply stating, “No. I choose nothing,” when presented with a set of options. You will do something naughty and then quickly cover with, “Oh! I’m really sorry!” as you know it lets you off the hook. You know each and every one of my buttons to push, and just how to get me riled. You also looooooove to use your whining voice. You could be perfectly happy but out of your mouth comes a sentence in full blast whining.

Sometimes when you’re a tornado of all your fiercest attributes it’s hard for me to remember that you are still so small in a world that is so big. You are still learning so so much. I need to remind myself that although you now speak like a perfectly capable person, you are still a tiny girl needing guidance in a confusing place. You are trying your best to process emotions so big your little body can hardly handle them. On those days bedtime is our saving grace, and I know we can both do better tomorrow. Yet, no matter  how our day played out Emerson Claire, you are my favorite 3-year-old and I love you to smithereens. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you. Happy birthday my darling, happy birthday.


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Dear Emerson

Dear Emerson,

You’re funny, daring, silly, caring, and oh, so darn cute!

You even get me to giggle when you exclaim, “Oh, Emmie toot!”

I love the way you try to negotiate

to increase the pee to jellybean rate.

Or how you count, “Won, two, REE!”

It always gets a smile from me –

But heaven forbid you ever utter “four.”

since it’s your favorite number to ignore.


You can bust a move to any song

and when you’re laughing you can do no wrong-

except for hitting, that behavior is new

Daddy and I aren’t sure what to do.

You never want to apologize

even though tears stream from your eyes.

You’ll tell us, after, hitting made you feel sad

but never what it was that made you so mad.

We’re really hoping it’s just a phase

and that you’ll soon be back to performing your ballets.


Some days you’re helpful: loading dishes or folding socks –

while other days you’d prefer to play outside and collect rocks.

You love playing keep-a-way with Oliver’s doggy bones

and always demand the “cow game” when you see Daddy’s phone.


You love the library and each week when we go,

it’s so much fun for me to see how you’ve grown.

When we started you just sat there- so quiet,

and now you’ll sing & dance. Yup,  it’s a riot!


A little quirk that I find so funny,

anytime you find a penny you say, “Here Mom, MONEY!”

Another oddity that you’ve begun

is requesting random songs to be sung;

a “turkey song,” a “silly belly song,” and “Daddy comes home” are just a few.

Oh Emmie, I do hope you know just how much I love you.



Being your mother is such a treat,

but watching you get older is bittersweet.

While you test your limits and boundaries for sure,

the love you exude is just so pure.


You’re special to me in ways you’ll never know

And every single day my love for you grows.

Yes, my love for you knows no bounds-

Emma Claire, you make my world go round.

Love, Mom.










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Dear Emmie

Dear Emmie,

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you. You’re growing so quickly, it’s hard for me to even remember the last time I stopped and appreciated all the little things you do.

Your attitude is very much on par for a classic two year old. Some days you are sweet as punch, and other days, you scream to the point of hyperventilation because I threw away an old piece of floss. Yup, basic toddler.

You’ve picked up quite a few cute sayings lately. You’ve grasped that “excuse me” isn’t just for passing gas. You constantly say, “excuse me, Ollie” “excuse me, Mom” as you push us out of the way. It’s so hilariously cute since you’ve managed to be so extremely polite and rude all at the same time.
And speaking of being polite you’ve also started to go overboard on the apologizing. I am constantly hearing, “sorry Mom!” “sorry Ollie!” “Ooooh sorry Daddy!” for things that don’t even warrant an apology. Although, maybe they do in your toddler mind.
You’ve become quite the helper. Just the other day in the self check out lane, you handed each grocery item to me so I could scan it, and you know what? It was actually helpful! Also, it was pretty hilarious when you started panicking calling me, “Hewwwwp Mommy! Hewwwwp!” and I turned around to find you trying to haul the full gallon of milk over the side. Yeah, you’re still freakishly strong – that hasn’t changed.
What has changed is your ability to say,“NO!” Oh. My. Word. You say “no” constantly. Some days you drive me absolutely bonkers. I swear there was one day where you said absolutely nothing but “No.” It makes for extremely long days and definitely tests my patience.
You’ve been doing a really great job at the gym lately. In fact, the other day while tucking you into bed, I asked you what your favorite part of the day was. You responded with “Mommy workout. Emmie plaayyy!” I responded aghast, “Your favorite part of the day was playing at the gym while I worked out??” “Mmmhm.” Confirmed. I think teaching you a little song has really helped you get over your fear of me leaving you. You now sing “Emmie play’s and Mommy comes back” all the time. You still feel a little anxious every time we arrive and you give me an extra tight snuggle, but we’ve surpassed the super clingy and crying phase.
Let’s see what else can I tell you about yourself. Oh,how could I forget, you love to swim. I mean, you’re wild for it. You love being in the ocean with Daddy. You also love the wave-less pond. You love being in the water so much that no matter how cold, how much you’re shivering or how blue your lips are you do not want to leave. You just can’t get enough. You really like it when Oliver can come swimming with us. You are always quick to help find a stick to toss to Oliver.
All in all, you are such a sweet girl, always one to offer a hug. Still a little shy around groups but you’re really finding your own personality. You’re pretty silly and you love  to goof it up for your grandparents.
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Little things

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written all about the little things that happen day to day. The small moments where I take a mental snapshot hoping with all my might, that I just might remember this infinitely small moment in time.

1. You’ve recently started making lot’s of animal noises. My favorite are the pig and the cat. Anytime you see a cat, or a picture of a cat, or anything cat-like you break out in this tiny “mew” sound. Over and over. If I ask you what that [cat] is, you respond with a meow. And a pig? The pig sound is hysterical. Since you have no idea how we snort through our noses, you’ve taken to inhaling in a gasping sort of sound. It makes me laugh and worry that you’ll pass out, all at the same time.

2. You really tug on our heartstrings. You now cry out for “Mama” or “DAAAAAAD” when you’re upset it’s time for bed. It takes all our willpower not to rush in at the first call.

3. The fake smile. If I ask you to look at me and smile… I get a priceless face every time. I get scrunched up noses, wide open grins, and you usually squint your eyes. It makes me laugh every time.

4. You are insistent about signing “thank-you.” It is probably the only sign you really do anymore. But man, anytime we give you something, do something nice for you or help you do something you pat your mouth in the “thank you” sign over and over, sometimes even chasing us down until we acknowledge your “thank you,” with a “you’re welcome!” You take your manners very seriously.

5. The “yes” nod. You mastered shaking your head “no” a long time ago, but nodding “yes” is more recent. I have to say it’s a personal favorite. The deliberate head back and sharp nod is terribly cute. No subtle nods here, one maybe two or three big violent head nods complete with a serious face and all.

6. You’re still obsessed with Oliver. In fact, every morning after saying Mom, & Dad you hunt for Oliver, calling “Allll-eeeeee!” You play tug of war, keep away, and help feed him. You chase him down with his extra collars and slide them onto his neck. You tackle him in big bear hugs and lay on his back anytime you think you can get away with it. You include him in your rounds of giving everyone a kiss. Periodically throughout the day you pick up his water bowl and carefully walk to where ever he is and put it in front of his snout, making sure he’s not thirsty. I think he usually humors you and takes a lick or two to appease you.  Oh yes, it’ safe to say you love your dog.

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Little Things

Hi Emerson,
It’s been a while since I’ve written down all the little things you’ve been doing lately. Time has been flying by now that you’re a toddler tornado. Here are some little things we’re enjoying these chilly fall days:

1. Your first word! It’s official, you finally have a first word at 16 months you decided you’d learn how to say “Up.” It’s fitting since you love to be lugged everywhere. Especially when you are feeling clingy to your Mommy. “Up. Up… UP!” It’s been a great teaching experience as we remind you of your manners and now you say, “Up!” followed by signing please. You are also now saying “Dada.”

During one nap time I told you that Mommy was not coming back in to give you Lovie if you chucked her out of your crib again. I left, and of course, being the defiant toddler that you are, threw Lovie right over the side. Knowing I wasn’t coming back in, you paused and looked at the door and started to yell, “DADA?!” “Dadaaaaa??” Asking if Daddy could come in and give you Lovie again. You sure are a sassy little girl.

2. Paci Obsessed! I’m not sure when this happened, but for some reason you have become obsessed with your pacifiers. We plan on weaning you off them in the upcoming new year after we’re done with traveling, but man oh man, is it going to be a battle. You’ve even made up your own sign for paci. You cry, throw fits, and beg for a paci anytime we’re upstairs.

3. Helping. You want to help with everything. I mean, everything.  Cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, entertaining the baby when he’s over, throwing away trash, unloading the dishes… it doesn’t matter. If I’m doing something you want to be doing it too. We’ve started cooking together, and you love it! I let you “chop” avocados with a butter knife, and the sheer concentration on your face is priceless! You like when we bake the best, since there’s usually a lot of scooping flour involved, which just so happens to be one of your favorite activities.

4.Oliver. You continue to love on Oliver, even more so these days. You give him great big, wrap-your-arms-around-his-neck style hugs, throw-yourself-on-his-back style hugs and hold-onto-dear-life-while-he-runs-away hugs. You pat his back, scratch his hiney, and love to throw his ball for him. You pick out his bones and deliver them to him. You help scoop his food and put it in his bowl. You really love Oliver, so much so, that we’ve now have a problem with you sneaking him your snacks! You’ll go over and slyly hand him a goldfish when you think we’re not looking. You break out in a big grin when he eats it.

5. Swim Class. Ever since we returned from Florida you have been loving swim class! This past time you were kicking with all your might, jumping off the side, and going under water like a champ. You didn’t cry once, and you were nothing but smiles and laughter the whole time. You even started putting your ears in the water, and blowing bubbles. You continue your love of water at home by being obsessive about the bathtub. You could spend all day in there if I  let you.

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Little Things

A little love, a few flowers, a hug, a simple thank you or act of kindness can certainly go a long way. Here are the little things I’m enjoying lately. 
1. Fresh flowers. I’m a sucker for fresh flowers. I recently spoiled myself and grabbed a bouquet for 3.99 when we ran to Trader Joe’s for some frozen goods. I split the bouquet for 3 vases and snipped some greenery off of our front bushes to help fill out the thinned bouquet. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they put a smile on my face every time I see them.

2. Free flowers: And just when you thought there was nothing that could beat fresh flowers? Free fresh flowers. The lot behind our house is a crummy garage that gets frequently overgrown. However, the other day I noticed these awesome flowers springing up. I went out there armed with my scissors and went to town. The icing on the cake? When I put them on the dresser I was so aghast with the state of the dresser top that I felt the dresser was unworthy of receiving the flowers. You better believe I cleaned that shit up. Now, not only do I have fresh flowers in the bedroom, but the bedroom is now clean! The gift that keeps on giving.

3. My little engineer. This girl and her alarming new ways to scale the furniture. Emmie’s always been a fan of being on the couch, but luckily was too short to climb up herself. Well, she’s still too short, but her smarts make up for the height she lacks. She’ll push, carry, tug anything over to the couch and test it out to see if it can be used to scale on up. This usually happens in less than a minute. While part of me is terrified, it’s pushed aside as the proud Momma barges through. My Claire-bear thinking through problems and finding creative solutions, and not giving up when one doesn’t work? Yup, I’ve got Proud Momma Syndrome.

4. The “Mama” stage. Boo boos? Mommy’s hugs are best. Hungry? Mama’s snack is delicious. Woke up cranky? Momma snuggles fix that. Need a midnight snuggle? Only Mom will do. Mother dearest is cooking and can’t pick you up? Mom leaves you with Dad to go upstairs to get dressed? End of the world.  Yes, we are certainly in a Mama stage. I’ll take my extra snuggles while I can.

5. Konmari-ing my clothes. I just finished this book, and finished tidying up my clothes in the method she describes. Afterwards, I finalized my capsule wardrobe. Just looking at my closet brings me inner peace. I’m finally excited to get dressed in the mornings. 
6. Random kindness. Emerson and I were enjoying a Starbucks treat, people watching, when an expectant mother was experience some cart malfunctions. She had her toddler in the seat, with some cases of water underneath, and a couple of big plastic bins in the back. Well, one little bump and everything went wrong all at once. Water fell off, bins and other items fell overboard and toddler started crying. Two different gentlemen ran over and immediately started picking things up. One carried the bins and one pushed the cart, all the way to her car and helped her load it up while she consoled the crying boy. Moments like this restore my faith in humanity. They didn’t know each other, but those men didn’t even think twice about sacrificing their time to help someone in need out.  While it’s easy to get caught up in all that is wrong in the world, moments like this one remind me that there is still so much love, so much kindness, to give and receive. 
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