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Progress in the nursery is still ongoing. We’ve managed to sell one desk and the coordinating chair making the room much more empty than before. Holes in the walls have been patched, and caulking of trim has begun! It won’t be long until we’re putting up a fresh coat(s) of paint. It’s this progress that had me thinking that I should develop a more concrete plan for this room. As the weeks go by it’ll be nice to have a ‘cheat sheet’ for reference. Without further ado a very simplistic version of Baby Overdeep’s Nursery.

I still am loving the idea of soft taupes, creams, and tans with a deep dark aubergine wall. We found a glider that isn’t offensive to look at <yea, I’m looking at you, you wooden gliders!> that won’t break the bank. The taupe weaved fabric will do well against everyday wear and tear, and the white piping adds a little contrast. We won’t be purchasing the matching ottoman seeing as the room is pretty tiny and the ottoman isn’t, in my book, a necessity.

We’ll most likely being going with a plain white crib. While we liked the look of a deep cherry colored crib, we’re bringing a medium walnut toned dresser into the room and I didn’t want crib and dresser to compete. The brown square of color represents the walnut color of the dresser. It’s a little less red in real life. The hardware on the dresser is a brushed gold, very similar to the honeycomb table.

I’d like to bring in a small table to have next to the glider. I’ve been eyeing the new Threshold line at Target (Target is my weakness people) and they have this fantastic metal honeycomb table that practically jumps into my cart each time we’re there. While it may not be the most practical table out there, it sure is easy on the eyes. I may or may not drool while I peruse the aisle of Target; please tell me I’m not the only one who is obsessed with their Threshold line  the whole damn store?

On the same note, I’d love to bring in a soft table lamp so we’re not dependent upon the bright overhead light. There are plenty of options, but since it seems I’m obsessed with honeycombs,hexagons, and all things shiny I threw a Target Threshold lamp on the board as well. Weakness people, it’s a weakness.

I’d like to add some storage, whether it’s soft canvas bins or woven baskets to add texture, I think we’ll need the extra storage space. The closet is pretty limited in size, and it doesn’t help that we store out of season jackets (and in my case, dresses!) on one half of the closet. We’ll definitely be able to fit everything we need in terms of clothing into the closet- thanks to the organizer I built! Extras such as blankets, toys and cloth diapers will be housed in the dresser and any other storage we bring in.

The accent colors are still undecided. I’m really holding off until my anatomy scan tomorrow. I really am digging the deep orangey/coral and greens though more so than the light sea-glass colors. I’m really open to suggestions about accent colors! =)

Well there you have it folks.

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