Sunday Funday: New Camera, Splash Pad Adventures & Keepin’ it Casual

As the weekend wound down we found ourselves looking for a quick adventure. After a few sudden showers it turned into a beautiful evening. We decided to take advantage of it and head to the local shopping plaza so Emmie could have some time playing in the plaza’s splash pad. Oliver joined in on the fun too, mainly laying on the brick wall watching all the kids running around.
I was keeping it comfy & casual with a thrifted over-sized tee, my Thred-Up* J.Crew shorts, and some clearance booties I recently picked up from Ross. I was also wearing my newest pair of sunglasses. I tend to wear my sunglasses straight over my regular glasses. While it definitely limits my selection of sunglasses, it’s a really affordable option while still being able to see. Prescription sunglasses can get very expensive! This way, I can frequently change up my sunglasses style. 
I also received my new camera over the weekend! I’ve been practicing a lot. I have been challenging myself to only use the manual setting. All these photos were taken on my new camera. I’m looking forward to capturing some great photos. Hope your weekend was a relaxing one! Now, please pass the coffee because MONDAYS, am I right?

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Learning How To Use The Manual Setting On My Nikon-D40

Photos mean a lot to me. It’s such a quick way to capture an otherwise fleeting moment. Pictures preserve not only memories, but can capture raw emotions as well. I’ve been eyeing a 50mm lens for my Nikon-D40 for some time now, so I finally bit the bullet and put in my amazon order. And can we talk about Amazon Prime for a second? I ordered my new lens at 10:30 in the morning and it had a free same day delivery (courtesy of Prime). Um? Yes, please! 
When my lens arrived about 6 hours later, I quickly learned that the auto or programmed auto settings were not going to do my new lens justice. I had to dive into manual operation. The entire time I was fiddling and snapping away the only thought I had was, “You know nothing, John Snow.” [We’re re-watching Game of Thrones these days.]  I have a basic concept of my manual setting from one of my previous learning attempts. I ended up managing to snap a few decent shots. 
I’m looking forward to relearning my way through operating my camera on manual. I find that the best resources for conquering the manual setting are those online! I’ve actually read the manual for my camera (lame, I know) but found online tutorials much more thorough and much more helpful. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of camera tutorials and explanations from backlighting techniques to shutter speeds. Hopefully as I relearn my pictures will continue to improve, especially since a picture is worth a thousand words. 

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