Summer Capsule Wardrobe for the Stay At Home Mom

While I haven’t actually done a strict capsule wardrobe since the fall I do enjoy having a limited wardrobe.  What I found most helpful about having a capsule wardrobe was it really highlighted the pieces that I felt were missing. It gave me a lot of time to hunt down that perfect shoe that I felt would be a useful addition. I’ve carried that over to my limited wardrobe. When I think of something that I’d like to add to my wardrobe, I take my time and really look for the right style, right fit, and right color. That way, when I do finally find it, I know the purchase is well warranted.

When doing a capsule wardrobe you need a palette of colors that are easily mixed together. Everything should be complementary to one another. I find that the main pieces should all be neutral colors with a few select pieces of color. You can bring dimension and variation to your wardrobe with textures of fabrics, interesting details and flattering cuts. As a stay at home mom, your clothes also need to serve you functionally as well. No sense in wearing 5 inch stilettos if you can’t chase your toddler around the playground. I look for shoes that will stay on my feet. I gravitate towards wedges for their stability & sturdiness, and I make sure there’s an ankle strap of sorts.  By simply choosing a smarter shoe to fit my needs, I’m able to wear my heels comfortably all day long, weather I’m chasing Emerson around the playground, grocery shopping or simply running errands.

Following the same philosophy of making your clothes work for you things like skirts and dresses will tend to be longer length so I can easily bend over without flashing everyone my undergarments. And pockets? Pockets can be your best friend. Comfortable and easy to care for fabrics such as knits, chiffons, rayon etc. all help my clothing work for me. Things like silk are nice, but stay hidden in my closet knowing they’re dry clean only and wouldn’t stand up to a PB&J shit-show. When all is said and done, there’s no rule saying as a stay at home mom your wardrobe can’t be fierce. What’s in your summer wardrobe?
SAHM summer capsule wardrobe
This is what my limited summer wardrobe is likely to include:

2 jackets ::: 1 cardigan ::: 1 blazer
1 long sleeved blouse ::: 1 chambray shirt
4 sleeveless blouses ::: 5 short sleeve t-shirts
4 dresses ::: 3 pairs of denim ::: 4 skirts ::: 3 pairs of shorts
3 wedges ::: 2 sandals ::: 1 pair of sneakers ::: 1 pair of booties ::: 1 pair of heels

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5 ways to wear light pink jeans

Part of my spring capsule wardrobe plan was to add in a pair of light pink jeans. This was the first pair of pants I’ve owned that hasn’t been white, green or blue.  Knowing pink jeans were not something I was accustom to styling I turned to polyvore to throw together some inspiration outfits. I tried to choose similar articles of clothing I already owned. When my pink jeans finally arrived, I already had 5 ways to wear them! 

5 ways to wear light pink jeans

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Beach Baby

With our upcoming move to Florida, and the rapidly rising temperatures, I’ve been on the lookout for the cutest one-piece swimsuits and rashguard sets for Emerson. There’s something so classic and adorable about a toddler in a one-piece swimsuit.  While Emerson’s one-piece swimsuits gets lots of use in our kiddie pool, if we’re headed to the beach/river and I know we’ll be exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, I much prefer to have the safety of the long sleeved rashguard.

For your convenience I’ve rounded up 7 of the cutest one-piece toddler swimwear and 6 of the most adorable toddler rash-guard sets. How cute is that ice-cream one-piece from Tucker & Tate? And see that minty striped rash guard set? I picked that one up from Target for Emmie already! We’re comin’ for you Florida, and you better believe we’ll be decked out in the cutest swimwear.
Toddler One Piece Swimsuits

Beach Baby Toddler Rash-Guard Round Up
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At the Beach: Toddler Style

At the Beach: Toddler Style
one two three four five

This past weekend we experienced chillier temperatures again. It has me longing for the warmth of summer and spending time lounging around the baby pool. This summer we’ll be much closer to the beach and I’ve been daydreaming about all the cute little things Emerson can be decked out in.

I am loving this mini pom-pom trend lately. I think it’s an incredibly fun touch to add to children’s clothing.  This cover up incorporates this mini pom-pom spring/summer trend.

Unless we’re talking rash guards, I’m not a huge fan of two-piece baby or toddler swim suits. I love how classic and how scrumptiously cute a one-piece looks on little ones.

Everyone needs a good floppy hat in their lives, toddlers and babies included. A wide brim does wonders for keeping the sun off of faces and necks while wading and playing.

Sunglasses are another must. Coming from a family with bad eyesight I want to protect my daughter’s eyes as much as I possibly can! Plus, I mean, c’mon… how friggin’ cute would she be in these dramatic frames?!

Another must? A nice sandal without a bunch of holes for sand to get stuck in. Something easy on and easy off. I think these gold sandals fit the bill. They are super affordable & can easily be paired with just about anything.

Now all I need is a beach. 

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Capsule Wardrobe for the Stay At Home Mom

This past fall I built a capsule wardrobe. For 3 months I only wore about 30 rotating pieces of clothing. In theory, a capsule wardrobe is supposed to stretch your creativity, be composed of things you love, and save you money. My fall wardrobe really didn’t measure up. I used what I had so much of it was just “okay” instead of things I really loved. I don’t think it saved me money, since at the end of those 3 months, while I hadn’t purchased any clothing, I had worn through 2 pairs of shoes, 1 sweater, 2 shirts, and 2 pairs of jeans. All those items will need replacing.
Enter ThredUp. Shopping on ThredUp* I’ve been able to afford higher quality items that I truly love. I could never purchase full priced designer jeans, but thanks to ThredUp I can get gently used designer items at budget friendly price. Shopping with ThredUp I feel even better about my purchases since I know I’m giving these pieces of clothing a second chance. That’s less waste, less consumerism and more money in my pocket! With the help of ThredUp I’ve begun thinking about a spring capsule wardrobe. <– Thred Up did not pay me to say this (I wish!) I just truly love their site so much that I went full out infomercial on you. 

Capsule Wardrobe for the SAHM
A Spring capsule wardrobe can be tough. It starts out cold, but quickly melts away into sunshine filled days, and higher temperatures. I need pieces that can be layered and transition from chilly to warm. My spring capsule wardrobe would consists of 4 sleeveless tops. These are dressier pieces that can be layered under a more casual button up or cardigan, or they can be worn on their own. I would have 3 short sleeved tee’s and one 3/4 sleeve tee. 4 button downs, 1 cardigan, 2 sweaters and 4 pairs of pants. Shoes would include 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of wedges, and 1 dressier pair of booties. Outwear consists of a denim jacket, olive khaki jacket and a classic trench.

My spring palette is full of soft colors; pinks, nudes, light blues and your staples of black, white and grey. Items that could be added in would be a dress, a skirt and perhaps a pair of neutral colored shorts.

If you think you’d like to try ThredUp you can get $10 towards your first purchase by following my referral link*!
*this is a referral link. I also receive $10 for every person who makes a purchase using said link. I received no compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own. 

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All things Cat

Emerson has been obsessed with cats lately. She thinks bunnies are also cats, so now that Easter gear is out I hear “mew mew mew” a lot more frequently. She doesn’t have any cat themed things, we’ve got dogs covered, but now that’s she’s really into cats I’ve been looking into some cute cat themed gear.
All things Cat
How cute would Emmie be carrying around that little cross-body cat purse? I can just see her stashing her beloved paci’s in there. And that clock? I mean, her current clock is full of penguins, but this clock would definitely be a big hit. And don’t get me started on those insanely cute cat flats! I’m not sure she’d even be able to walk since I’m positive she would just want to sit and point at her feet and say “mew.”

Yes, there’s no denying she’s in a huge “cat” phase. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few animal phases as she grows up. Emerson has such a big heart for her animals, just like her Daddy. 
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