Playground Hopping

One of these past fall days was utterly gorgeous. While we had errands to run in the morning, I made sure to whisk us off to the zoo after her nap. Unfortunately, Claire-bear and I arrived with only twenty minutes of zoo time, so instead of taking 15 minutes to walk to the animal section, we decided to use all twenty minutes and play on the zoo’s playground instead. 

When the 4 o’clock shuffle came, and everyone was politely escorted out, I just couldn’t bear to go home just yet. One Cliff bar later, which Emerson quickly decided we weren’t sharing, and a quick text to the hubster to see if he wanted to grab an early dinner, we packed up into the car for a super quick drive to a playground at the surrounding park. 
We climbed, slid, and even attempted monkey bars once or twice. The air was warm and sweet, with just enough of a breeze to remind you it isn’t summer anymore. The sky was bathed in a golden light that the evening autumn sun brings. 
When we had to leave the current playground, we were still waiting on a reply text to confirm plans. Not ready to give up on the dream I had whipped up 60 minutes prior, we headed to, you guessed it, another playground.  This one was within walking distance to campus. We ran, jumped and climbed as we patiently awaited dinner confirmation. 
Three playgrounds and two hours later, we finally got in touch with the Hubby. When all was said and done, dinner plans were just not going to work out. Emerson and I packed up and headed home. 
Even though the afternoon did not pan out anything like I imagined, it helped me realize that sometimes the best days are the ones that don’t go according to plan.
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