Fall Hiking

Last week I took Emerson with me on a small hike with the other mom’s from our birthclass. She loved hanging out in her wrap, just taking in the sites. She took a snooze and woke up right as we were finishing up. It was a great success. 

That following weekend, it was a beautiful Sunday; 62 degree’s and not a cloud in the sky. Kyle and I packed up the family and we went off for a nice fall hike. Oliver had his pack on, I carried the backpack full of various items and Kyle carried the baby in her wrap. 

Emmie had a blast looking at everything! I can only imagine there was so much for her to take in: new sounds, new smells, new sights. In fact, I think it was the first time she had ever seen a stream. Oliver also had a blast. He carried the two heavy water bottles in his pack along with some extra diapers for Emmie. He trotted along the trail. 
Halfway into our drive to the park we discovered we forgot to pack Oliver a leash! We improvised with an infinity scarf we had in the car. Good thing our boy is so well behaved when we hike. Oliver really needed a good day out to romp around, and the hike was just the thing he needed. He slept the whole night… not even a peep when we went past his dinnertime without feeding him. That’s how you know he’s exhausted.
I’m hoping we can go on a few more family hikes before it really gets too cold. The nice thing about the wrap is it keeps Emerson nice and toasty warm even when it’s chilly out. This hike really makes me excited for next spring and summer, when we can take Emerson camping!

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