Halloween Party!

Last year I really wanted to host a Halloween party but becoming pregnant that month zapped away all my ambition along with most of my energy. A Halloween party was just not in the works. This year, however, I toyed with the idea. I’ve never thrown a party before. It was something outside our comfort zone as a family. Kyle, because we’d have a house full of people- and myself because I tend to get very stressed out hosting things, so I thought it’d be good practice. By something short of a miracle Kyle agreed. He too, thought it would be good for us. (I swear I don’t even know who he is anymore! I mean, yesterday he ate a cherry tomato in his salad. But that’s a whole different story.)

Well, we did it! We hosted our first Halloween Bash. Kyle and I had a blast decorating the house, most stuff courtesy of the Dollar Store (they had such a great selection this year!)

We dressed up as Fry, Leela and Nibbler from a show called Futurama. We had a lot of fun, and I can see this being a yearly occurrence! Although I must say, hosting a party – decorating, cooking, cleaning, making sure we had enough food & drinks, etc. was exhausting! I think back to all those times my Mom hosted really fun get party’s (craft night anyone??) with all her decorations and fun games to play, and I feel an overwhelming amount of awe and gratitude. Thanks for all those awesome parties all those years. I had no idea what it took.

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