Happy Wife, Happy Life

You know that saying, “Happy wife, happy life” well, that is very true around this house. On days where I don’t get out of the house everyone is a bit cranky in the evenings. If I’m not feeling well everyone is a little agitated because my patience wears thin early on. If I’ve had a great day, or am hopped up on caffeine, everyone is all smile… usually. I mean I do have a three year old and you know what they’re like. *insert eye roll here as 3 year old has a mega drama meltdown over the fact she wanted to go through the door first*

With that said here are a few things that are keeping me smiling recently:

1. All the Halloween things.
Maybe it’s the fact that Halloween revolves around one of my favorite things: dress up & costumes. I’m not into spooky, I’m not into scary, but boy, oh boy am I into dressing up and creating. Maybe this is where my intense love for Halloween comes from. I can remember as a girl painstakingly deciding what I wanted to be for Halloween and creating the perfect costume. Now, as a Mom, it’s even more fun since it combines my love of sewing & creating and of course, my two little love bugs. I’ve made all of Emmie’s Halloween costumes so far, but I’m not sure I will be creating a costume this year for her since she just wants to be Elsa – booooring. Hubby is trying to convince her to be a “spooky rat.” Hysterical. We’re leaning towards making Vera be a skunk just so that when she crawls around her big skunk tail will trail behind her.

2. Essential oils.
I looove me some good smelling candles, but lately candles have been bothering my lungs. So I stopped burning them. But the house is pretty smelly with two kids and a dog. I finally bit the bullet and hopped on the essential oil train and I don’t regret it. I love creating combos to diffuse & I have been slightly obsessed about using it in everything that goes on my body – face-wash, body-scrub, lotion, lip scrub, shave cream, shampoo… my husband has declared it’s my weirdest hobby to date. I am inclined to agree with him, but that won’t stop the crazy. OIL EVERYTHING. Except food. I don’t ingest them since I’m on so many meds that I wouldn’t want to risk an unknown interaction. I use these and these.

3. Sewing.
I’ve been making time to sew a few things here and there. After a mega meltdown about wearing a nightgown for the one millionth time in a row I promised Emerson we would go pick out some fabric together for a new nightgown. She picked “spooky spider fabric” and I whipped up a new nightgown. I also made a pumpkin dress, a ghost dress and have a skirt for both Emmie and Vera in the works. It feels so good to have physical proof of my time rather than a vague mental list of all the things I’ve done all day.

4. Coloring with Emmie.
We’ve been doing a lot of coloring lately and Emerson always begs for you to color with her. If I’m feeling stressed out I will sit iwth her and color. It’s a great way for me to spend a few minutes to relax and reset if the day has been stressful, and Emerson enjoys doing an activity with me. She’s been getting really good at coloring in the lines. We’ve been coloring so much our fancy markers are already drying out less than 2 months of use.

5. New home decor.
This is a lame one, but I recently bought these two big black lanterns. I wanted some more substantial to decorate the mantle with. After thinking about exactly what I wanted I finally gathered the courage to spend 60 dollars on two big lanterns. I also splurged and got remote controlled led candles. Yes, you read that right, remote controlled. They are awesome! Real wax, lightly vanilla scented and turn on and off via remote. The day we set them up Emmie and I took turns like two giddy idiots turning them on and off with the remote. “Ooooh! Look they’re on again. Okay okay my turn!!…oooh now they’re off! This is so cool. You try!” And so on. I won’t tell you how long we spent doing that for fear of embarrassment.


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