Hello Again

I had some annual blood work done not too long ago. And once a year I am the lucky participant in a 2 hour glucose tolerance test. You know that nasty “fruit punch” flavored sugar water they make you drink when you’re pregnant? Yea, I get to do that once a year. I know, I know! Try to contain your jealousy!

Well, normally I’m always borderline failing this test. Then, at home when I check my blood sugar levels, they seem to be alright. Thus far, I’ve managed to squeak by without needing to check much. Well, the time has come where I have flat out failed. *cue violins*

While checking my blood sugar, and possibly adding in insulin to my routine, is not something I am particularly looking forward to, I am looking forward to the possibility of finally having an answer as to why I’m really struggling with weight gain. not your average problem.
With this Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes, CFRD for short, under control maybe I can start packing on the pounds again, and stop looking like a lanky, awkward high schooler and start looking like the young adult I am!

So old friend, while I’m not super thrilled to see you, I guess you can stick around for a bit.
(You read that I’m all about cheesy puns right? It’s just that they’re so bad they’re gouda.)

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