Hi Spring, Nice to Meet You.

Spring has finally sprung! Yellow daffodils have opened their cheery little faces, and colorful purple crocuses are speckling the green lawns! The air smells sweet and the wind is warm. Yes, spring is here.

We took advantage of one of these lovely sun filled spring days by taking Emerson and her Grammy to the park. We went on a nice stroller ride/walk and then decided to let Emma try the baby swing for the first time.

At first she was indifferent, concentrating too much on the other kids in the playground and working hard to process all the different sounds and sights that were occurring. But when Grammy tried to grab her hands she really got into it, letting out big belly laughs.

After swinging we decided to let her explore a new texture; grass! She was not having any of it. She tentatively leaned over as if to crawl, and instead of putting her hands down she placed her elbows on the grass and held her hands up in the air.

Next, she looked at us in sheer horror as she realized she can’t crawl unless she touches the grass so
 she told us that it wasn’t going to happen. Walking in socks was the closest thing she got to touching the grass. Guess she has quite the motivation to start walking!



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