Holly & Jolly

We’ve been decking the halls over here at the Overdeep abode. Our Christmas tree went up, and I crammed holiday cheer into every nook and cranny I could find. This is my first time using real greenery in my decor and I have been loving it.
When Kyle and I had our first apartment I was thrilled to finally have my own space to decorate as I saw fit. Our first Christmas in the apartment I went with a winter wonderland theme and did icy blue with sparkly white. Kyle walked in and asked why our apartment was decorated for Hanukkah… It’s something to this day he still brings up, every single Christmas. Since then I’ve stuck to traditional colors, like red, white, green, silvers, golds, etc. Every year my tastes gets a little more defined. I like  a very muted holiday palette for my decor. Especially on my tree. We love our long icicles and I adore my pops of glittery gold baubles.  I do own my grandmothers Christmas ornaments, but with a toddler on the loose there was no way they were creeping their way into the tree this year.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about the holiday decor is our staircase. I strung up some pine garland and plopped a few big red bows on it, but every time Emmie walks up the stairs she stops and pokes her little face into the rails to smell the pine. Less is definitely more here. And let’s face it smelling the pine certainly beats her trying to eat the raw cranberries that serve as decoration on our table.  Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

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