Life Lately

Life has been crazy around these parts lately. We have a little girl who has discovered screaming for the second time, trying her best to walk, pulling up on everything – including, much to his dismay, Oliver. Emerson laughs harder, smiles bigger, and smacks her little hands when she’s upset. Her hair is also out of control these days. 
We’ve had some visiting Grandparents recently, and of course Emerson loved all the extra attention. Even though we don’t see family as much as we’d like to, thanks to technology Emerson still knows who her extended family is! 

Lately Emerson has been fighting taking her naps, and she is quite the independent bugger. She doesn’t like to be told that she can’t do something by herself. If she’s upset with you, she’ll start to holler and smack one hand over the other in a funny little hand tantrum.

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