Life with Vera Charlotte: 5 months

Monthly photos of newborn, baby collage of monthly photos


At 5 Months old you:

|| roll over like a pro ||

|| scoot around army style ||

|| can sit by yourself for about 10 seconds ||

|| love playing in your baby saucer ||

|| are very loud & talk all the time ||

|| hate being contained in your baby-proofed area||

|| have zero schedule at night ||

|| went in the ocean for the first time and loved it ||

|| love when Emmie makes you silly sounds in the car — you calm right down ||

|| have sucked on an apple core, corn of the cob & green beans ||

|| try to grab anyone’s food if you’re close enough ||

|| imitate a hoover vacuum by eating everything off the floor ||

|| weigh about 12-13 lbs ||

|| wear 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothes ||

This past month (or really month and a half since I’m a little late) your personality has begun to blossom. You are a wild child for sure! You hate being confined to your baby-proofed play area and would much rather zoom across the house to find every speck of dust, wrappers, old stickers and dried leaves to chomp. You are in love with Emerson. You continue to watch her completely enraptured in whatever she may be doing. Emmie has also taken a fancy to “playing” with you. She’ll set up fake food picnics and feed you off the plastic spoons, which you’re more than happy to chomp on. She loves playing “sleepover” with you in your crib and you’re always so content when she’s playing with you, even if she does boop you on the head a little too hard every once in a while.

You are quite serious when we’re eating. You are a baby on a mission when we break out the food. You try your darnedest to get a grab of anyone’s food if you’re close enough. You once shoved your face smack into my BBQ chicken sandwich at Chic-fil-a. You’ve tried your first real food of banana and you loved it. You sucked on it at first, and then as soon as you realized how good it tasted you tried to shove the whole piece in your mouth.

You continue to want nothing to do with bottles, much to my dismay, and you are a pretty rotten sleeper. You’ll wake up anywhere from once a night to every hour! I really think your sleep is so wacky because you keep crushing milestones. You started to crawl, army style, about 3 days after turning 5 months old! Then, you learned to sit up. Now, you’re working on propping yourself up on your knees when you crawl. All before 6 months! Not to mention all the new noises, blowing bubbles, and growing you’re doing. Slow down little lady! I have a feeling you are going to be the child who will get into everything in a blink of an eye. Regardless of the trouble you scoot yourself into I could still eat you up, I love you so.

My Vera Charlotte, my little wild one.

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