Life with Vera Charlotte: 6 Months

My darling Vera. You have been in winning your way into our hearts now for a whole 6 months. From your distinctive laugh to your incessant need to be moving, it’s safe to say you’ve wiggled your way deep into our hearts and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

At 6 months you:

| have started eating solid foods: baby led weaning style & baby purees |

| still scoot along army crawl style |

| rock back and forth up on your knees |

| can push yourself up into an almost sitting position |

| try to pull up on things, and voice your frustration loudly when you can’t get up |

| are still not a great sleeper, but I’ve accepted it’s just part of who you are |

| love to grab faces, hair and when you’re nursing you pinch the back of my arm |

| are still infatuated with Emmie, following her around, laughing at her, and watch her every move |

| make an “ah ah ah” sound most often |

| weigh 14.5 lbs |

| had a CT scan and did great |

| finally have a cup you’re willing to drink water from |

| don’t suck your thumb as much, so car rides are becoming rough again |


You are an explorer. You hate being confined, and you love to scoot your booty all around the house. You lead with your left arm, suck your left thumb, and prefer to sleep on your left side. You follow Emmie and Oliver around scooting after them. You let us know when you’re unhappy by crying LOUDLY. You enjoy some baby food such as butternut squash and you’ve tried real food like avocado slices, banana and bread. You finally drink water from a sippy cup but still pretty much refuse breast milk out of any container. You love being in the water and went in the gulf for the first time this past month. You also went swimming in a pool and enjoyed that just as much. You love being close to me and let only a few select people hold you without fussing. This drives your grandparents crazy! You have the bluest of blue eyes and your hair is still a mystery. Half of it’s blonde, and half of it is a light reddish brown.

You had your CT scan to check on your lung mass, and it went really well. You were such a trooper fasting, then going under anesthesia. You had a couple bruises from IV’s but other than that you would never know you had a procedure done. The best part was they couldn’t see any lung mass! You’ll get another scan, but this time an MRI, in 6 months and if that’s clear then you won’t need any surgery. To say that we’re thankful and relieved would be an understatement. We love you so much little girl.

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