Life with Vera Charlotte: 7 & 8 Months

Being away for September has really thrown me off. In fact, I’m pretty behind with Vera’s monthly updates. She’s quickly approaching the 9 month mark, so I figured it was about time to post her 7 & 8 month updates.

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At 7 months you:

| got your first two teeth! |

| crawl super fast on your belly |

| are either happy or screaming, there’s no in between |

| get up a zillion times a night to nurse |

| are really starting to dig food |

| put everything in your mouth |

| are pretty ticklish and always belly laugh when tickled |

| have been enjoying food in a mesh pouch |

| love playing in your standing saucer |


You still refuse to drink breastmilk when I’m not there. I had a clinic appointment this month and you went the whole 13 hours without milk. You are stubborn and set in your ways. You love snuggling when you’re sleepy and have begun “giving kisses.” You slowly lean in and open your mouth to press against someone’s face. You even did it to a little girl at story time who leaned in to give you a hug. You’ve begun playing in your exosaucer this month and really like it. We’ll bring you into the garage while we work out and you’ll watch and play. You also love chomping on berries, broccoli and bananas through a mesh food pouch.

Cute ideas for monthly baby photos | Monthly baby pictures | baby collage |overthedeepend

At 8 months you:

| started crawling on your hands and knees |

| are pulling up and cruising around |

| easily go from crawling to sitting |

| still put everything into your mouth |

| got your first cold |

| met your great-grandparents |

| stayed the whole month in Rhode Island |

| attended your first wedding |

| slept in my bed for the whole month & refused to nap |

This month was a crazy month. We pretty much stayed all of September in Rhode Island bouncing between Mimi & Pa-Rob’s house to Nonni & Pop-pop’s house. There was a wedding, and many get-togethers with relatives. You decided you were not going to nap unless you were nursing or in the car. You refused to sleep in the pack-n-play for more than 40 minutes so I ended up bringing you into bed with me most nights. You’ve gotten much steadier on your feet this past month and I fear you’re going to keep up the tradition of walking before you hit 9 months. We’ll see how you do in the next 4 weeks. Something tells me you won’t be stopped once you learn how to walk.

As always, we love you something fierce.

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