Love the little things

Right now some of the little things you do, Emmie, are the cutest. You are really quite wiggly! If you’re having awake time, and you’ve napped well so you’re happy, you just won’t stop moving. You move your arms, and you move your legs, you move your head from side to side to look all around. One of my favorite movements is where you’re arms are flailing around and you end up smacking your own belly with, usually, a flat palm. That certainly cracks me up everytime. I’m not sure if it’s the look of sheer surprise on your face, or the little hallow “thump” sound your belly makes, but either way I’m loving it.

You want me to sit still for a picture?

You’re making more sounds now and I love that as well. You are starting to grab things and pull them to your mouth. Another favorite of mine is when you grab my hand and pull it to your mouth to try to eat it.

Let’s not forget about those expressions that you’ve been mastering. You love using your eyebrows to communicate. Your little brows get quite the daily workout. It wouldn’t be complete without your little forehead wrinkles that you’ve inherited from your daddy.

How’s this? And this? Is this good? What about now?

Recently, since you’ve been so wiggly, burping you has become quite the challenge. I’ve developed the whole-arm hold where I place my whole forearm down your belly and let you sit on my hand, while my other hand tries to coax that air out. You wrap your little arms around my arm in a full body hug, and it makes me melt every. single. time.

Oh man Mom, you don’t have to hold me, I swear I was going to stay still for the next one!

You seem so big to me now. So independent, alert and interested in the world around you… and yet, I know, I’m going to miss you this small in just a matter of weeks! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the upcoming weeks and months. Keep on growing and learning, and I’ll keep on appreciating all the little things you do.

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