Master Bedroom Decor

There are always challenges when moving. One of those challenges for me is always feeling the need to switch up decor and furniture. What worked for one space doesn’t mean it will translate well into the next house. However, living off of one budget means that I can’t just chuck everything and start fresh, no matter how much I’d love to.

Another challenge in decorating after moving is the fact that we’re renting. With every rental comes a new set of rules and a new list of things you can’t change. We really lucked out in Baltimore as we rented from my Mother (thanks Mom!) so we had a lot of flexibility in what we were able to do. This house? Not so much. Enter the need for rental friendly decor.

I’ve hit the point in my pregnancy where I’ve finally started getting the nesting urge and no space is unscathed in this process. I mean, we don’t even have all of our pictures on the walls yet…but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming and scheming up ways to change, update and restyle our spaces in a budget & rental friendly way. First on my list is the master bedroom. I’d love to DIY a new headboard, mount some wall lights, and have Emmie help me with some abstract art to hang above the bed. A new crisp duvet and a pop of color through an accent pillow and we’re well on our way to a cozy, rental friendly space.Now all I have to do is get the hubster on board and I’ll be golden.

Master Bedroom Decor


What are some of your go-to’s to refresh a space?

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