Meeting Great Grandparents

While the girls and I were in Rhode Island we made sure to introduce Vera to her great grandparents. She met both my mother’s father and my mother-in-law’s parents. While Vera may be too young to remember meeting them the pictures we have will be able to spark a conversation about these wonderful people when the girls are older. Kyle’s grandmother in particular would just light up when the girls were around. You could visibly see her love of children. What was most amazing was the sense of lucidity she regained the longer she spent time with Vera. Initially she would ask “How old is she?” again and again due to forgetting, a common symptom of age & dementia. But, as time went on, the repetitive questions ceased and she just drank in the innocence of Vera & Emerson. It is absolutely astonishing how children keep the mind agile. I can’t wait until the girls are a bit older to truly understand how special it was to meet their great-grandparents.

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