Mundane Loving

Once in a while I’ll catch a picture that radiates so much love it threatens to consume anyone who looks at it. That’s how I feel about this picture, er, the last picture. Claire-bear was eating lunch; an everyday, mundane activity, and I, of course, had my camera set up just snapping lunch pictures because well, exhibit A:

But then, as I jumped off my seat to save a flying tofu parmesan, she leaned her little head over signaling she wanted a kiss. So, naturally, I snapped a few pictures, all the while complying to the kissing demands and this one? This one is my favorite. It’s post messy lunch kiss, and it fills me with so much mushiness that I almost can’t stand it. Even though all our conversations are mostly one sided, she doesn’t need words to tell me she loves me, and for that I am forever thankful.

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