Ah, the blissful quiet of nap-time. Nap time with a newborn was way different than what our nap-time currently looks like. With a newborn it was a slow, methodological process of shushing, swaddling, swaying… or sometimes the quirky, “that can’t be comfortable,” car-seat nap.  I mean naps happened in arms, on chests, in wraps and cars, in strollers, stores and restaurants… gosh, now that I’m remembering tiny babies can nap freakin’ any where! 
I miss those days. Now, naps have a certain schedule. A 20 minute window of perfect timing where bottles are had, books are read and eyes close not too soon after. Come anytime before or after that magical 20 minute window and naps are solitary playtime with you and 5 pacifiers- for an hour. But don’t worry by 30 minutes in, you’ll have tossed everything out and when you scream long enough and loud enough, Mom will come to the rescue and put all your Paci’s back in. And eventually after some more howling, rolling, standing and falling down you’ll drift off to sleep with one lone paci.
* * * * * * * * * 
Yes, I think it’s safe to say this is one of my favorite things about naptime: my coffee. More specifically my morning, I can’t believe I wake up this early every day now, coffee. 3 ice cubes, a smidge of milk and cool straw. Cool straw is not optional. 

Yup. Definitely a favorite part of nap-time because once this coffee is gone it’s onto the mad-dash. Blogging, brainstorming and researching for my new business ideas (I am certainly my Father’s daughter. ) dishes, laundry, snacking, lunch prep, oh and can’t forget those pesky meds! …And is my hair too greasy that it’ll look awful if I just braid it? Nope! Braid it is…thank goodness because I’m not even sure there was time to showe—*monitor blinks on.* 
And just like that, naptime is over. Okay okay, this is probably my second favorite part of naptime. I mean, how could it not be? 

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