Nursery Progress!

Watercolor Fox

Last Friday proved to be a very productive day for me. In the morning I was able to run some errands, make some returns, and even pick up a few paint samples for the nursery accent wall! I was feeling a bit short of breath due to the extreme cold weather so after my hour of errands I hunkered down in the warm house for the rest of the day. I have been waiting on Kyle sanding the nursery trim so I can start priming and giving it a fresh coat of white paint. Painting the trim that afternoon wasn’t an option, so I turned to the next best thing– painting some cute watercolors for Nugget’s nursery walls! 

Watercolor Badger -Kyle’s requested animal

I turned to Etsy for some inspiration and then got to work. I ended up painting for almost 3 hours. The badger took 3 tries before I finally gave up and just ‘went for it,’ smearing black paint where I felt like it may look good. And then adding even more black paint just because I had some extra. This sloppy attempt turned out to be the best. 

I also managed to slap the three colors I picked up from lowes, on the wall. There’s one color I’m really drawn to. It is in no way your classic ‘baby color.’ I’m sure some people would even think of it as ‘harsh’ for a nursery. I think it’s going to be cozy and calming. I’m looking for a deep bold wall with lots of neutral colors layered in. Earthy, woody-s, and calm are the three things that enter my mind when I think of my ideal nursery.

Watercolor Hedgehog

Over the weekend Kyle bunkered down in the nursery to sand all the trim. Outlets were updated, and the black light switch was replaced with a white one. While he was hard at work I was doing quite the opposite. I puttered around the house feeling less than helpful. I was feeling pretty good on Saturday so I cooked up a big steak lunch – well, steak for me and a non-chicken chicken cutlet for Odie. After lunch and another hour of sanding for the hubster we went on a chilly family walk. Since my winter jacket no longer can button over my expanding midsection, I’ve resorted to wearing lots of layers usually topped off with one or more of Kyle’s  jackets. Later that night we had a few friends over for dinner and board games. 

Sunday I awoke feeling pretty icky. I had managed to sleep through most of the night uninterrupted so I knew I was well rested. I was short of breath and very junky all day. I seem to have a cycle of alternating good days and bad days. I have clinic in two weeks so I’d be interested to see what my lung function looks like. I think some antibiotics might be in my future. A small 2-3 week course might just be the kick I need to hold me off until a full tune-up right before my due date. It would be good timing as Bactrim (my cultures’ drug of choice) is the most safely used while in the second trimester. 
By Sunday night Kyle managed to finish prepping all the trim, and I managed to come to terms that I wasn’t going to get anything remotely important or productive done.  We went to bed and chatted about possible girl names and other various baby related topics. 

Upon waking up this morning I feel halfway between ‘good’ and ‘meh.’ It’s all comparative these days, so in comparison to yesterday I’m feeling better. I slept through the night with little interruptions and I haven’t coughed so hard/much to throw up. So far I’d say today is a good day! 

Hope everyone is having a happy start to their week! 18 week update will be up tomorrow. 

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