Officially Full Term aka 37 Weeks

This is the week that I officially hit “full term” status. The pregnancy app I have on my ipad tells me 36 is considered full term, but by hospital standards I believe it’s really 37 weeks.

This past week was a toughie for me. I had to finish up the last few days of Cayston in order to start Vancomycin and I just felt so crummy. I had a few low grade fevers on and off. The weekend was pretty uneventful.

I switched over to Vancomycin a few days early and did my first day on Sunday. I can confidently say that I’m feeling better today. I felt relatively better yesterday, after having a full day of doses, but after 4 doses I feel better. Thank-goodness! I feel so grateful that I pick up so amazingly quick when I inhale Vanc. Feeling pretty crummy was a major source of anxiety for me, so the fact that I’m feeling better 48 hours in a 4 week course of this antibiotic is very reassuring.

Today was an exciting day for me. I had my LAST ultrasound of little ninja! She was in a great position. Her head was way down and she was facing my back. The optimal exit position, if you will. She was so far down in my pelvis that we couldn’t get any face picture this week at the ultrasound and the tech had some difficulties getting her head measurements! Maybe it’s a sign that she’ll be here sooner rather than later! You never know.

Little Ladies’ estimate weight today was 5 pounds and 12 oz. Just 4 oz shy of 6 pounds! If she hangs out for 3 more weeks she could easily hit the 7 pound mark!

I had an OB appointment after my ultrasound. Nothing new to report. I did lose some weight, but I had a feeling that was happening thanks to feeling so crummy and coughing so frequently. I was tested for group B strep today, and if it comes back positive I’ll get an antibiotic drip during labor. Usually it’s a penicillin based drug but since I had a reaction to the only other penicillin drug I’ve ever had, we’d be using something different.

After that appointment I headed over to my NST. This was the first week that the monitors were picking up contractions! My resting uterus is about a level 15 on the contraction monitor and I had several contractions that went mid 30’s to high 40’s. I felt one out of the 5 I had. She pointed out the other 4 but I wasn’t convinced that they were real. I think coughing brings on slight contractions but that could just be me making things up.

That’s it! It’s officially BABY month! Unless of course, just to spite me saying that she takes her sweet ‘ole time and goes all the way to July.

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