Life with Vera Charlotte: 6 Months

My darling Vera. You have been in winning your way into our hearts now for a whole 6 months. From your distinctive laugh to your incessant need to be moving, it’s safe to say you’ve wiggled your way deep into our hearts and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

At 6 months you:

| have started eating solid foods: baby led weaning style & baby purees |

| still scoot along army crawl style |

| rock back and forth up on your knees |

| can push yourself up into an almost sitting position |

| try to pull up on things, and voice your frustration loudly when you can’t get up |

| are still not a great sleeper, but I’ve accepted it’s just part of who you are |

| love to grab faces, hair and when you’re nursing you pinch the back of my arm |

| are still infatuated with Emmie, following her around, laughing at her, and watch her every move |

| make an “ah ah ah” sound most often |

| weigh 14.5 lbs |

| had a CT scan and did great |

| finally have a cup you’re willing to drink water from |

| don’t suck your thumb as much, so car rides are becoming rough again |


You are an explorer. You hate being confined, and you love to scoot your booty all around the house. You lead with your left arm, suck your left thumb, and prefer to sleep on your left side. You follow Emmie and Oliver around scooting after them. You let us know when you’re unhappy by crying LOUDLY. You enjoy some baby food such as butternut squash and you’ve tried real food like avocado slices, banana and bread. You finally drink water from a sippy cup but still pretty much refuse breast milk out of any container. You love being in the water and went in the gulf for the first time this past month. You also went swimming in a pool and enjoyed that just as much. You love being close to me and let only a few select people hold you without fussing. This drives your grandparents crazy! You have the bluest of blue eyes and your hair is still a mystery. Half of it’s blonde, and half of it is a light reddish brown.

You had your CT scan to check on your lung mass, and it went really well. You were such a trooper fasting, then going under anesthesia. You had a couple bruises from IV’s but other than that you would never know you had a procedure done. The best part was they couldn’t see any lung mass! You’ll get another scan, but this time an MRI, in 6 months and if that’s clear then you won’t need any surgery. To say that we’re thankful and relieved would be an understatement. We love you so much little girl.

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A Collection of Bold & Colorful Sofas

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Can you believe these sofas can all be found on Don’t ask me why, but I was browsing through Overstock’s sofa selection and stumbled upon that lavender chesterfield and suddenly it was like opening up Pandora’s box. All of these amazingly bold, colorful, luxurious sofas started to appear! While any of these sofas would be a stunning statement piece in your living room, my favorite would have to be the lavender chesterfield that started it all.  I had to promise Kyle that I wouldn’t start buying random couches without letting him know first. I feel like he’d probably veto the purple and pink sofas, but maybe, just maybe, I could convince him otherwise.

Would you ever purchase a lavender or pink sofa?

Pink Sofa living room, pink sofa in a living room, pink couch in a living room. Velvet sofa inspiration

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Life with Vera Charlotte: 5 months

Monthly photos of newborn, baby collage of monthly photos


At 5 Months old you:

|| roll over like a pro ||

|| scoot around army style ||

|| can sit by yourself for about 10 seconds ||

|| love playing in your baby saucer ||

|| are very loud & talk all the time ||

|| hate being contained in your baby-proofed area||

|| have zero schedule at night ||

|| went in the ocean for the first time and loved it ||

|| love when Emmie makes you silly sounds in the car — you calm right down ||

|| have sucked on an apple core, corn of the cob & green beans ||

|| try to grab anyone’s food if you’re close enough ||

|| imitate a hoover vacuum by eating everything off the floor ||

|| weigh about 12-13 lbs ||

|| wear 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothes ||

This past month (or really month and a half since I’m a little late) your personality has begun to blossom. You are a wild child for sure! You hate being confined to your baby-proofed play area and would much rather zoom across the house to find every speck of dust, wrappers, old stickers and dried leaves to chomp. You are in love with Emerson. You continue to watch her completely enraptured in whatever she may be doing. Emmie has also taken a fancy to “playing” with you. She’ll set up fake food picnics and feed you off the plastic spoons, which you’re more than happy to chomp on. She loves playing “sleepover” with you in your crib and you’re always so content when she’s playing with you, even if she does boop you on the head a little too hard every once in a while.

You are quite serious when we’re eating. You are a baby on a mission when we break out the food. You try your darnedest to get a grab of anyone’s food if you’re close enough. You once shoved your face smack into my BBQ chicken sandwich at Chic-fil-a. You’ve tried your first real food of banana and you loved it. You sucked on it at first, and then as soon as you realized how good it tasted you tried to shove the whole piece in your mouth.

You continue to want nothing to do with bottles, much to my dismay, and you are a pretty rotten sleeper. You’ll wake up anywhere from once a night to every hour! I really think your sleep is so wacky because you keep crushing milestones. You started to crawl, army style, about 3 days after turning 5 months old! Then, you learned to sit up. Now, you’re working on propping yourself up on your knees when you crawl. All before 6 months! Not to mention all the new noises, blowing bubbles, and growing you’re doing. Slow down little lady! I have a feeling you are going to be the child who will get into everything in a blink of an eye. Regardless of the trouble you scoot yourself into I could still eat you up, I love you so.

My Vera Charlotte, my little wild one.

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Summer Style with Warby Parker

Stylish Glasses to take you from summer to fall. Buying glasses at home has never been easier! This is a sahm life hack worth sharing.

When Emerson had broken my only pair of glasses, I decided I needed some new eyewear asap. But, as a stay at home mom, I rarely have time to shower daily, never mind go to the eye doctor and spend my precious time placing frame after frame on my face to find my favorite pair of glasses. What’s a mom to do? Enter the wonderful world of buying glasses online! Thank goodness for the internet. During nap time I was able to purchase a bunch of new frames with my prescription and have them sent directly to my doorstep. Warby Parker eyewear takes the experience one step further. They send you 5 frames to try to, for free, to make sure you love them before purchasing! As a very visual person, this is fantastic. Not only am I saving time, I now get to choose bolder frames that I would be too timid to choose knowing if I hated them I’d be stuck with them. Take a peek at some of the glasses I tried from Warby Parker. I would have never gone for the bold Tilley, or the classic Upshaw, since I always figured they wouldn’t look great on me. But you know what, I ended up loving them! What type of glasses do you gravitate towards?

Warby Parker glasses, warby parker review, the best place to buy glasses online

Warby Parker glasses, warby parker review, the best place to buy glasses online

Warby Parker glasses, warby parker review, the best place to buy glasses online

Warby Parker glasses, warby parker review, the best place to buy glasses online

Warby Parker glasses, warby parker review, the best place to buy glasses online


If you’re in the market for new glasses make sure you head over to Warby Parker and take a look around. They offer both men and women’s frames. Summer’s not over yet, so make sure you’re protecting your eyes and pick up a pair of sunglasses!

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4th of July Weekend

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That last picture is both of us trying to convince the 3 year old tornado to just come back and take a few more pictures. She had other plans. Ah, well, life with a toddler is always interesting. We had a very relaxing long weekend. We actually opted to not see fireworks this year as Emmie has been pretty sensitive to loud sounds lately…i.e. every time I try to vacuum she runs with her hands over her ears and burrows into the blankets on her bed. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! Now back into full-swing for this short week!

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How to get perfect brows all day long: a DIY eyebrow putty

Ever wonder how people get flawless eyebrows that seem to last all day long? It’s really simple! Eyebrow putty, eyebrow gel or  eyebrow wax is a quick way to achieve fierce brows that last all day long. For a customized brow color with an impeccable look try this simple DIY eyebrow putty.

Achieving flawless eyebrows just got easier with this DIY eyebrow putty. Create your perfect shade of brow gel in this simple DIY.  | eyebrow gel | brow liner | DIY brow liner | DIY brow gel | Easy DIY for eyebrows | flawless eyebrows| how to get perfect brows |

I recently dyed my hair red, and while the hair color was fairly natural, my eyebrow color made it glaringly obvious that my hair was dyed. Now, using this DIY, I simply create a red brow putty using a matte red shadow from my Naked Matte Palette. Combining the matte shadow with some hair putty tames my brows all day long. The color is spot on with my hair, and completely changes the look from dyed to natural again. It’s the easiest way to get amazing brows that last all day long.


Achieving flawless eyebrows just got easier with this DIY eyebrow putty. Create your perfect shade of brow gel in this simple DIY. | eyebrow gel | brow liner | DIY brow liner | DIY brow gel | Easy DIY for eyebrows | flawless eyebrows| how to get perfect brows |

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Emerson Claire Turns 3

Yearly milestone college, yearly milestone pictures, 3 years old picture ideas. ||

My Dearest Emmie,

You turned three this past weekend! To say you are excited is an understatement. You’ve made leaps and bounds since your last birthday, in all aspects of life. Not only have you grown about 7 inches (and finally gained some weight!) but you now actually like talking! You’re clever and smart. You love ice cream and frozen lemonade pops. You love playing make-believe with your dollies & enjoy watching your Dad play computer games. You are the manners police and call us out by saying, “No eating and talking Mom!” or, “You need to say ‘excuse me’ after you burp, Dad.” Touché, little one, touché.

You are strong as ever and can jump for hours with your Dad on the trampoline. You love helping in the kitchen, and having tea-parties.  You’ve slowly started questioning everything. “Because why?” you’ll say. You still call Oliver your best bud, and have no trouble bossing him around. You’re very matter-of-fact and highly opinionated when it comes time to get dressed. You enjoy wearing nothing but princess dresses these days. You’ll let me do your hair only if you can watch a video & usually you request one “Elsa braid.” Since your hair is so fine your braid usually only lasts a few minutes (or half an hour on a good day) before your hair is all in your face again.

You are still silly as ever too. Your dance moves never fail to make us laugh. And your sudden need to exclaim how much you love us could make anyone’s heart explode from sweetness. But don’t be fooled by all these sweet tales. You’re as sassy as sassy comes. You’re still quite the negotiator and pretty defiant at this age too. You love simply stating, “No. I choose nothing,” when presented with a set of options. You will do something naughty and then quickly cover with, “Oh! I’m really sorry!” as you know it lets you off the hook. You know each and every one of my buttons to push, and just how to get me riled. You also looooooove to use your whining voice. You could be perfectly happy but out of your mouth comes a sentence in full blast whining.

Sometimes when you’re a tornado of all your fiercest attributes it’s hard for me to remember that you are still so small in a world that is so big. You are still learning so so much. I need to remind myself that although you now speak like a perfectly capable person, you are still a tiny girl needing guidance in a confusing place. You are trying your best to process emotions so big your little body can hardly handle them. On those days bedtime is our saving grace, and I know we can both do better tomorrow. Yet, no matter  how our day played out Emerson Claire, you are my favorite 3-year-old and I love you to smithereens. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you. Happy birthday my darling, happy birthday.


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How to throw a magical birthday party

10 easy steps for creating a magical birthday party. | Throwing the best birthday party. | How to plan a birthday party.

In this Pinterest-obsessed world we now live in, there’s more pressure than ever to throw over-the-top, outrageously expensive and elaborate celebrations of all kinds. Growing up, however, before the age of Pinterest I vividly remember my mother throwing the most magical parties. There was the Wizard of Oz theme party, complete with rainbow drinks with Twizzlers straws, a fashion show themed party where she set up a runway in my living room and had my sister be the announcer while my friends and I all modeled our party dresses and dress up clothes. She videotaped the whole ordeal and then handed out awards to each of us. The Halloween party was one of my favorites with pumpkin races: a game where the kids swept mini pumpkins down the driveway to the finish line using “witch’s brooms.” Yes, if there is one thing my Mom knew how to do, it was throw a magical party.

So what makes her parties so magical and how can you easily recreate magic of your own? It’s simple! Just follow these 10 easy steps:

  1.  Plan!
    It’s important to brainstorm more than a week beforehand. I’d suggest thinking about your party the month before. Nothing is more stressful that feeling pressured to come up with a spectacular birthday party in just 7 days.
  2.  Pick a theme.
    I use the term “theme” here loosely. While it could be something as specific as a favorite Disney character or favorite TV show, a theme could also be as broad as a color scheme. Whatever you choose, it’s important to stick within the limits of the theme. This can be hard with all those drool-worthy Pinterest ideas, but trying to bring too many ideas together can bring a chaotic feel to a birthday party instead of a magical vibe.
  3. Brainstorm 
    After you decide on your theme, it’s time to brainstorm again! This is where Pinterest comes in. Using the visual search engine, create a board for your future party. There you’ll be pinning all your favorite ideas, everything from invites & cakes to party decorations and games. Go crazy! It’s okay to pin something that could be tweaked to fit your specific theme. For example, if you save “pin the horn on the unicorn” for a tropical party knowing you’ll switch it to “pin the beak on the flamingo.”
  4. Narrow it down.
    After you’ve pinned to your hearts content, narrow it down. You can’t do it all, regardless of what the internet and bloggers try to get you to believe. You just can’t! So pick your favorites.
  5. Plan your time.
    Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what decor you need, what games or activities you’ll do and other specifics, it’s time to think about your timeline. I had some DIY’s in my party planning so I tried my best to manage my expectations about what exactly I could get done.
  6. Send out invites.
    Once you’ve got a solid plan, it’s time to send out those invites! I skipped the formal invitations and just created a Facebook event. Other options are using a service like Minted, Shutterfly, or Etsy for more customizable invites. Or, if you’re crafty and enjoy card-making like my sister, a DIY option might be for you. I’d say aim to give 2 weeks notice for your guests.
  7. Shop & create!
    Now it’s the fun part…. time to go shopping! Start purchasing supplies, favors, decor and anything else you might need off of your list.
  8. Create or order your cake.
    Don’t leave the cake till the last minute. Make sure you order your cake with enough time to spare. And it’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan. If you plan on baking your cake bake it at least a day or two before. That way if something goes wrong there’s time to do it again, or pick up a premade cake from the grocery store. Because, if your luck is anything like mine, your oven will break the day you go to bake 24 cupcakes and 4 layers of cake…. uh, yeah, that really happened. Luckily, my Dad’s oven worked just fine.
  9. Set up the day before.
    Set up as much decor as you can the day/night before the party. Prepare any food items you can as well. You’ll feel much less stressed out knowing everything is ready for the big day.
  10. Make sure those cameras are charged.
    Charge those cameras the night before so you can be sure to capture the look of amazement on your child’s face as they take in the magic that is their birthday party!

How to throw a magical birthday party | throwing the ultimate birthday party in 10 easy steps |

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European Capsule Wardrobe

Packing for a trip to Europe | European vacation wardrobe | what to pack for europe in spring | clothes for europe vacation | Europe in spring | |

Life recently handed us an opportunity to head to Europe and we decided to seize the chance, since neither the hubby nor I had ever been to Europe before. We both felt strongly about bringing both girls, so that’s what did. In order to survive with as little luggage as possible, since we were navigating with a baby and a toddler, we packed as light as we possibly could bringing only the essentials.

Enter the capsule wardrobe.

As you may, or may not, know- I am a huge fan of capsule wardrobes! A vacation is a perfect introduction to a capsule to see if it is something that would work for your lifestyle. It’s an easy way to try it out without committing to “all or nothing.” When packing for vacation, especially for different destinations within that vacation, it’s all about the layers! I checked the weather forecast before hand to know what kind of weather we would be planning around. We had mid 70’s to low 80’s all week and sunshine.

Here’s a look at what I brought for our 9 day Europe vacation:

Packing for a trip to Europe | European vacation wardrobe | what to pack for europe in spring | clothes for europe vacation | Europe in spring | |

When planning any capsule wardrobe it’s all about versatile neutrals. You want to aim for pieces that look great alone but also layered together. Since I packed a muted, neutral palette I made sure my shirts had interesting details in form of fabric choice and fit. Both my white and aqua tee-shirt had pretty eyelet panels. A 3/4 sleeve striped shirt added some interest along with a bold polka dot print with my wrap dress. I stuck to skinny jeans and ponte-de-roma leggings for easy packing and comfortable travel days. Since I’m breastfeeding I opted to bring a trio of neutral cami’s instead of bras. This also helped extend the life of  my shirts since any sweat would be absorbed into the cami instead of the shirt itself. A sheer white blouse, a chambray button up, and a dark grey cardigan rounded out my tops. I opted not to take a jacket, but if I had I would have chosen my army green military style jacket.  For shoes I went with my grey Chucks, and a fun pop of maroon for my flats.

I kept my accessories simple, as it’s one less thing to pack and keep track of. I brought sunglasses, a watch, and a camera bag back-pack, that also doubled as my diaper bag. All in all, I was very pleased with my vacation wardrobe. The only thing I would have changed would have been to switch out one of the tee-shirts for a tank top and I would have also pack a skirt.

Stay tuned for a look into the capsule wardrobes I packed for both kids, and what baby gear we decided to bring with us!

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Summer 2017 Bucket List

Summer is full force in Florida, with our heavy humidity and daily thunderstorms. One particular afternoon Emerson asked me, “What are we doing today, guys?” (sidenote, she cracks me up) I realized it might be fun to have a summer bucket list handy for some fun ideas of what we should do over the course of the summer. Some things are big and take more planning, like a trip to Rosemary Beach, but other are fast and simple – see playing outside. I also decided I need to record more videos! Especially now that Emerson is really starting to talk. What’s on your summer agenda?

Summer bucket list with toddler,

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